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  • On the Worship Schedule

    Worship at First Christian - Sundays at 8:15, 9 & 11am

    August 31, 2014 – Message: Rev. Chris Shorow & Rev. Dr. Jerry Black; Scripture: Philippians 1:9-11; Children Worship & Wonder: Listening to God

    September 7, 2014 – Message: Rev. Dr. Jerry Black & Rev. Chris Shorow; Scripture: Deuteronomy 32:10-12; Children Worship & Wonder: The Light

  • Sermons Available Online

    Listen to sermons from our worship services anytime! They are available on our Sermons page. When you tell your friends, neighbors and co-workers about First Christian, point them to our website and encourage them to listen online. 

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  • Disciples4Water Mission Update

    CONTACT: Janet Helms  405.921.0572

    In 33 days, our Disciples4Water mission team of Janet Helms, Frank Gresh, Gwen Shaw, Steve Hanson, Mark Nash, Lisa Grant and David Owen of Global Ministries will travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo to drill wells, educate, worship and serve. Through continued support in prayer and donations to the Disciples4Water mission team, you bring life changing water to those in need. For more information or to donate today go to or stop by the Disciples4Water display in the rotunda.

  • Operation Christmas Child Thanks You!

    CONTACT: Michele Schlough 405.844.3214

    Thanks to all who donated items or participated in the Operation Christmas Child Packing Party on August 21. With your help, 131 boxes were packed that day and we now have 440 boxes stored and ready to be shipped in November. These boxes, along with a booklet that tells the children about who Jesus is, will be sent to remote areas where children may have never heard of Jesus and how much He loves us. If you look on the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall, you will see a Christmas stocking with small papers in it. If you so choose, pick up a tab or two and bring the items listed to church in time for the next Packing Party. (This is also a wonderful way to get kids involved!) Thank you!

  • Renewing Hands Could Use Your Talents!

    CONTACT: Marcia Tunison, via the Hub or 405.341.3544

    Fall is peeking around the corner, and with it will come requests for fall clean up and holiday help. The ReNewing Hands Ministry (RHM) helps church members or regular attendees who are infirm, seniors, widowed, handicapped or families of deployed service members, with those needs. Currently, ReNewing Hands needs volunteers. RHM could use a handyman, a gardener (someone who loves to work in the dirt) and a driver (someone who can drive others to medical appointments or other driving needs). If you would like to volunteer, please contact Marcia (above)

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  • Children's Sunday School

    CONTACT: Amy Roberts 405.341.3544

    The Children’s Sunday School program is starting in full this week – with full classrooms! Sunday School leaders and assistants are still needed. If you have a heart for showing little ones the love you have for Jesus, contact Amy (above) to see where you can plug in!

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  • In Our Prayers This Week

    THOSE IN NEED OF PRAYER Janet Helms, Caroline Medley, Amy Denard, Sarah Spurrier, Armelda Linton, Max Speegle, Phoebe Eaton, Gayle Smith, Mickey Stufflebean, Will Harris, Nancy Fernandes (former member), Dale & Betsy Jones, Jean Barnes, Carrie Akin, Carol Wilson, R.D. & Betty Neal, Teresa Finley, Cynthia David (Winnie Hall’s daughter)

    WE WELCOME NEW MEMBER Leanne McAuley who joined FCC this past Sunday, August 24. You can "meet" our new members by viewing pictures at First Christian's SmugMug site - go to the top of this website and click on the "camera" icon or go to

    Please Share Your Prayer Requests with us so we can pray for you. Contact Pastoral Assistant, Iris Muno Jordan at or 341-3544, ext. 110.

  • Happy Birthday FCC Friends!

    8/31  Pat Garrett, Dot Hammond, Gayle Smith
    9/1  Kathrynn Cavanaugh, Jenna Garrett, Skyler Godwin, Max Speegle
    9/2  Olivia Agosta, Rodney Helms, Marc Pate
    9/3  Jan Cowling, Laura Kysar Bezdek
    9/4  Taylor Grant, John Guinn, Tara Lindley, Traci Sarani, Rachel Wood
    9/5  Jay Biby, Heather Livingston, Peyton Mabry, Lindy Rahhal, Jeannie Reese, Jim Williams
    9/6  John A. Hammond, Marissa Kosir, Matthew Mitchell, Aidan Polk, Christopher Smith, Kimberly Woods
    9/7  Scott Anthony, Randy Clark, Sandra Moore

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