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  • Student Ministries Fall Kickoff This Sunday, August 24

    CONTACT:  Mark Taylor  405.341.3544

    This Sunday, August 24, from 6-9pm, the Youth will have their Fall Kickoff! It will be at the home of James & Kim Kerr for all Student Ministry families. There will be family friendly games, swimming, prize drawings and fun for the whole family! Come get involved and make a difference in FCC Student Ministries.

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  • On the Worship Schedule

    Worship at First Christian - Sundays at 8:15, 9 & 11am

    August 24, 2014 – Message: Rev. Dr. Jerry Black & Rev. Chris Shorow; Scripture: Genesis 9:12-16; Children Worship & Wonder: Talking To God

    August 31, 2014 – Message: Rev. Chris Shorow & Rev. Dr. Jerry Black; Scripture: Philippians 1:9-11; Children Worship & Wonder: Listening to God

  • Sermons Available Online

    Listen to sermons from our worship services anytime! They are available on our Sermons page. When you tell your friends, neighbors and co-workers about First Christian, point them to our website and encourage them to listen online. 

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  • Disciples4Water Mission Update

    CONTACT: Janet Helms  405.921.0572

    The mission team will provide a method of hand-drilling water wells in the Congo that is sustaining and life changing. Not only will the team drill wells, they will also provide the education and tools necessary to develop a business that will in turn drill wells in more villages and offer clean, fresh water to more people.  Help provide this life-changing equipment and donate today at or stop by the Disciples4Water display.

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  • Children Worship & Wonder Schedule

    CONTACT: Amy Roberts 405.341.3544

    This Sunday, August 24, Children Worship & Wonder will start back up during the 9 and 11am services for all children - 3 years old through first grade. Come join us!

  • Promotion Sunday is This Sunday, August 24

    CONTACT: Amy Roberts 405.341.3544

    This Sunday, August 24, is Promotion Sunday during the Sunday School hour in the Chapel. We will introduce our new leaders, promote the children, give Story Bibles to our incoming 3 year olds and Adventure Bibles to our incoming 1st graders. During the 9 and 11am worship, we will have a brief ceremony for our incoming 2nd graders who will be joining Sanctuary worship after being a part of CW&W.

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  • In Our Prayers This Week

    THOSE IN NEED OF PRAYER Amy Denard, Sarah Spurrier, Armelda Linton, Max Speegle, Phoebe Eaton, Gayle Smith, Mickey Stufflebean, Will Harris, Nancy Fernandes (former member), Dale & Betsy Jones, Jean Barnes, Carrie Akin, Carol Wilson, R.D. & Betty Neal, Teresa Finley, Cynthia David (Winnie Hall’s daughter)

    OUR SYMPATHY AND PRAYERS TO Robert & Charmei Coleman in the passing of Robert’s grandmother, Ethel Coleman, on August 13. Services were held on Monday, August 18 in Hutchinson, KS.

    Please Share Your Prayer Requests with us so we can pray for you. Contact Pastoral Assistant, Iris Muno Jordan at or 341-3544, ext. 110.

  • Happy Birthday FCC Friends!

    8/24  Sophia Endicott, Emma Hendershot, Debbie Howell, Randle Lee, Bill Porter
    8/25  Anne Holzberlein, Sophia Hunt, Bria Winston
    8/26  Susan Black, Mady Cummins, Will Ethridge, Karsen Heron, Jill Keel, Robbi Kinnaird, Herb Martin, J.D. Metcalf
    8/27  Leila Coco
    8/28  Karen Moore, Matt Quade, Earl Rice
    8/29  Alex Peters
    8/30  Leah Danley, Carol Hawkins, Kelly Phillips, Alexander Yorman
    8/31  Pat Garrett, Dot Hammond, Gayle Smith

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