• Student Ministries Fall Kickoff Celebration THIS Sunday!

    CONTACT: Rev. Mark Taylor mtaylor@fccedmond.org 405.341.3544

    Join us this Sunday, August 21, from 6-9pm, for the Student Ministries Fall Kickoff Celebration at the home of James & Kim Kerr, 2608 Still Meadow Road, in Edmond. All Student Ministries families are invited! We’ll have family friendly games, swimming, basketball, prize drawings, and fun for the entire family! Pork sandwiches provided – bring a side/dessert to share. Parents: We need you! This is your opportunity to sign-up and get involved. See you there!

  • Encounter: Mission of the Heart

    CONTACT: Rev. Mark Taylor mtaylor@fccedmond.org 405.341.3544

    This summer, our youth ministry took two trips to beautiful Estes Park, Colorado, for a different type of mission trip: a mission of the heart. Our middle school and high school students experienced the beauty and stillness of God’s creation through camping, hiking, and spiritual reflection. These trips are a time in which each student focuses on their personal relationship with God as well as their role as a part of the body of Christ.

    In June, we took 41 high school students and nine adults on this life-changing trip and had the privilege of baptizing five students and celebrating a rededication of another. A few weeks later in July, we took 27 middle school students and 14 adults for their own trip. Thank you for your prayers in preparation and during both trips.

    Encounter is a truly impactful experience for both our students and our adult sponsors. Thank you to our adult sponsors who drove, cooked, encouraged, nursed, organized, and supported our students: Letitia Anthony, Shauna Becker, Allyson Cain, Brian Cain, Jaima Carder, Lee Christensen, Mitchem Ernst, Tonya Fondren, Brian Haley, Robert Hall, Steve Hanson, Charles Hoppe, Brian Huffer, Madi Huffer, Susan Huffer, Shannon Medley, Angie Percival, Heather Portillo, and Kim Woods.

  • Student Ministries Calendar of Events

    CONTACT: Rev. Mark Taylor mtaylor@fccedmond.org 405.341.3544
    Join us each Sunday morning at 10am in the Family Life Center for breakfast and Bible study!

    Wednesday, August 31 - UNITE Orientation from 6 to 6:45pm in Fellowship Hall.

    Wednesday, September 7 - UNITE Kickoff! 

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  • On the Worship Schedule

    Worship at First Christian - Sundays at 8:15, 9 & 11am

    August 21, 2016 – Message: Rev. Chris Shorow; Scripture: Mark 14:3-9; Children Worship & Wonder Story: Talking/Listening to Jesus

    August 28, 2016 – Message: Guest Minister, Dr. John Dominic Crossan; Scripture: Jeremiah 7:1-7 & Luke 10:30-37; Children Worship & Wonder Story: The Light

    September 4, 2016 – Message: Rev. Chris Shorow; Scripture: Luke 10:37-42; Children Worship & Wonder Story: The Good Shepherd

  • Watch and Listen to Sermons Online

    Watch and listen to sermons from our worship services anytime! To watch live streaming of our services, follow the link at www.fccedmond.org/live. To listen, visit our Sermons page at www.fccedmond.org. When you tell your friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers about First Christian Church, point them to our website and encourage them to watch and listen online!

    Need Wifi? Be our guest! Public wifi access is available at First Christian Church. Use password: fccedmond

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  • Breakfast on Boulevard Needs YOU!

    CONTACT: Judy Griffis 405.348.1443

    Breakfast on Boulevard (BOB), a ministry of First Christian Church, serves breakfast and offers a sack lunch each weekday morning to those in need in our community. This ministry is possible only through the generous support and time given by its volunteers.  Currently, BOB is in need of additional volunteers!  The hours are early, but the reward is great. Please contact Judy Griffis today and answer this call to serve. …He said, "Lord, you know everything. You know that I love you." Jesus said, "Then feed my sheep.” John 21:17

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  • Children's Promotion Sunday & Bible Distribution THIS Sunday!

    CONTACT: Jennifer Humphrey jhumphrey@fccedmond.org 405.341.3544

    Sunday, August 21 - Children Worship & Wonder starts back during the 9 & 11am services; the 2nd Grade Service of Welcome - 9 & 11am Services - is a graduation for all incoming 2nd Graders into Sanctuary worship from Children Worship & Wonder; Promotion Sunday & Bible Presentation - 10am in the Sanctuary - all children will be promoted to their next Sunday school class, and, bibles will be given to all 2 year olds and 1st Graders.

    Wednesday August 31 - 6 to 6:45pm – UNITE Orientation – Fellowship Hall– all parents and children –Did you know we serve an ALL Church Dinner for anyone who wants to come eat with their #FCCFamily? We will have an introduction to “all things UNITE” and answer any questions you may have. Pizza provided!

    Wednesday, September 7 - UNITE Kickoff! Watch for more details!

  • Ways to Serve our Children and Families

    CONTACT: Jennifer Humphrey jhumphrey@fccedmond.org 405.341.3544

    UNITE (Wednesday Nights) Leaders: As a UNITE Small Group leader, you have the ability to open the door for a child to encounter or re-encounter God. By leading on Wednesdays, you are offering a key that unlocks the door to early faith development. Curriculum is provided - no previous experience required. What IS required - commitment, patience, and a love for children! (Commitment: Wednesday nights during UNITE - 1-year commitment)

    UNITE Dinner Planner: Our Wednesday night dinners are notoriously delicious and amazing! If you would like to coordinate and plan these awesome dinners, we would love to have your help. The current planner is willing to walk you through all the ins and outs with existing menus and tips. No prior knowledge or experience needed! Your culinary creativity is welcome! (Commitment: Wednesday nights during UNITE)

    Join in the fun of working together with other families as we serve the littlest among us. “Children are a gift from the LORD” - Psalm 127:3. Thanks be to God!

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  • Spurrier Family Day Celebration

    CONTACT: Penny Shorow pcshorow@gmail.com 405.513.5435
    Our First Christian family and friends are cordially invited to a Spurrier Family Day Celebration, honoring the adoption of two siblings - a 7 yr old boy & a 15 mo old girl - and celebrating the fostering of their older sister - a 13 yr old girl - by Thomas and Sarah Spurrier. This family of two is growing into a family of five! Please join us for a come-and-go event at First Christian Church in the Fellowship Hall on Tuesday, September 6, from 6 - 8pm. As their specific needs are not yet known, we are requesting either gift cards or money. Come and join in this wonderful celebration!

  • Parish Nurses - Our eyes are the windows to our world!

    CONTACT: Donna Clark dsc15@gmail.com 405.413.1954
    Eye exams are an important part in keeping our eyes healthy. There are many conditions that can greatly impact vision and many eye diseases have no warning signs. With the help of your health care provider, managing these conditions can often prevent eye problems from occurring.

    Protect your eyes by resting them often with breaks from the computer or TV. Wear protective glasses when playing sports or when there is a possible risk of injury to your eyes. Wear sunglasses with bright sun and if you wear contacts, be sure to wash your hands and use your contacts as prescribed.

    Your vision is a gift that allows you to see all the beauty God created in our world, in our children, and in others. “Now then, stand still and see this great thing the LORD is about to do before your eyes!” 1 Samuel 12:16

  • In Our Prayers This Week

    THOSE IN NEED OF PRAYER Barney & Shannon Sinclair Family (Tommy Atchison’s granddaughter & grandson-in-law), Ivie Correa, Ed Walker, Brian Huffer, Jane Nay

    OUR SYMPATHY AND PRAYERS TO Dr. Jim & Judy Farley & Family in the passing of Jim’s mother, Pat Farley, on August 12. Services were held on August 16 at FCC-Edmond AND TO Sandra Brinkmeyer & Kathryn Todd in the passing of their father and grandfather, Carroll Todd, on August 13. Services will be held at a later date.

    Please Share Your Prayer Requests with us so we can pray for you. Contact Pastoral Assistant, Iris Muno Jordan at ijordan@fccedmond.org or 405.341.3544, ext. 110.

  • Happy Birthday FCC Friends!

    8/21 Steve Hall, Amanda Jennings, Sandy Mitchell, Karla Rowley
    8/22 Hunter Steuart, Chris Stone
    8/23  Donna Clark, Sarah Combs, Michael Hast, Kay Mades, Bonnie Smith, Kimberli Smith
    8/24 Sophia Endicott, Emma Hendershot, Debbie Howell, Randle Lee
    8/25 Anne Holzberlein, Sophia Hunt, Bria Winston
    8/26 Susan Black, Mady Cummins, Will Ethridge, Karsen Heron, Jill Keel, Robbi Kinnaird, Herb Martin, J.D. Metcalf
    8/27  Lelia Coco, Brianna Portillo
    8/28 Karen Moore
    8/29 Alex Peters
    8/30 Leah Danley, Carol Hawkins, Kelly Phillips
    8/31 Pat Garrett, Dot Hammond, Gayle Smith
    9/1 Kathrynn Cavanaugh, Jenna Garrett, Holly Helzer, Max Speegle
    9/2 Olivia Agosta, Gary Allison, Rodney Helms, Marc Pate, Logan Rust
    9/3 Laura Bezdek, Jan Cowling, Violet Winston
    9/4 Taylor Grant, John Guinn, Tara Lindley, Traci Sarani, Marlin Wilton, Rachel Wood

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