• Students - Your Relationships and Service Matter!

    CONTACT: Rev. Mark Taylor mtaylor@fccedmond.org or 405.341.3544 ext. 102 Go to www.fccedmond.org/studentprograms for all Youth event details.
    Getting connected in our faith community can make a huge difference in your student's life! Make sure they don’t miss any of our activities, including Sunday morning breakfast, announcements, and SS each week at 10AM and Wednesday night dinner, worship, and small groups. Here are four other ways to connect and serve in October:
    - Sunday, October 6 – 1:00 – 3:00PM – Labyrinth
    We’re going to walk the labyrinth at UCO. This is a great opportunity to encounter God in a different and special way. Not familiar with labyrinths? It’s basically a simple walking path constructed to invite reflection and meditation. But don’t worry - you will experience this together with your church family and be guided through the whole process. Meet at 1:00 in the Family Life Center. We will be done at 3:00.
    - Saturday, October 19 – Serve Our City Saturday
    We are partnering with our Outreach Team to volunteer with different projects around Edmond to continue to show our community that we are Here for Good. You can serve at Ida Freeman Elementary or the HOPE Center in the morning or help the Ida Freeman 5th grade students with their Heard on Hurd booth in the evening. Times and details available on the Serve Our City Saturday registration form - register online at fccedmond.org/register
    -Sunday, October 27 – 5:00 – 6:30PM – Children’s Ministry Trunk or Treat
    Come pass out candy and have fun helping with our Children’s Ministry Trunk or Treat. You can bring and decorate a car or just come help. Want to help? Contact Jennifer Humphrey at jhumphrey@fccedmond.org or talk to her at church!
    - Celebrate #SOCKTOBER all month! Donate NEW socks for children and adults. Girls and boys, men and women, we all need socks to warm our feet! Help Marissa Kosir with this easy and awesome service project by bringing socks to FCC by the end of October. We’ll do a sock sort, then deliver them to Ida Freeman Elementary where they will be shared with kids in need. We’ll also share them with our homeless friends at Church Under the Bridge and through the Homeless Alliance in OKC.

  • Student Ministries Fundraiser - Butter Braids on Sale

    CONTACT: Rev. Mark Taylor mtaylor@fccedmond.org or 405.341.3544
    We've got a delicious way for you to support our Student Ministries! They are offering butter braids, cinnamon rolls, and sticky buns for your holiday enjoyment. They make wonderful gifts as well! These homestyle pastries include delicious flavors like blueberry, strawberry cream cheese, raspberry, and more! Prices start at $14. Visit www.fccedmond.org/register or order on Sunday mornings beginning October 13. Orders are due by October 27 and the pastries will be delivered to the church before Thanksgiving.

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  • Submit Your Photos for Veteran's Day

    CONTACT: Jennifer Humphrey jhumphrey@fccedmond.org 405.341.3544
    Veteran's Day is Monday, November 11 and First Christian Church would like to honor our veterans with a slide presentation before worship on Sunday, November 10. If you would like to be honored or have your loved one honored, please submit a photo in uniform, including full name, title and rank. Send submissions to news@fccedmond.org or place in Jennifer Humphrey's church mailbox in the workroom by Sunday, November 3. (Note: If you have previously submitted a photo, you may confirm its submission by emailing Jennifer, above.)

  • Worship Matters - Don't Miss A Week!

    Worship With Us Each Sunday at 8:15 (Chapel), 9:00 (Modern), 11:00 (Traditional)
    October 6, 2019; Minister: Rev. Dr. Chris Shorow, Scripture: Mark 14:3-9; Children Worship & Wonder: Exodus
    October 13, 2019; Minister: Rev. Dr. Chris Shorow; Scripture: Matthew 13:13-17; Children Worship & Wonder: The 10 Best Ways to Live
    October 20, 2019; Minister: Rev. Dr. John Regan; Scripture: I Timothy 6:10; Children Worship & Wonder: The Ark & A Tent for God
    October 27, 2019; Minister: Rev. Dr. Chris Shorow; Scripture: Romans 5:6-9; Children Worship & Wonder: The Promised Land
    November 3, 2019; All Saints Sunday;Minister: Rev. Dr. Chris Shorow; Scripture: Isaiah 25:6-9; Children Worship & Wonder: The Temple, a House for God

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  • Post Featured Image

    Let's Serve Our City, Saturday, October 19!

    CONTACT: Shelley Regan sregan@fccedmond.org 405.414.3544
    Serving matters. Not only because it’s important for the community, but because it’s important for your own spiritual formation. By serving together, we have opportunities to make new friends and increase our impact. In June we held our first SERVE OUR CITY SATURDAY and went out to show Edmond we are HERE FOR GOOD! On October 19 we have another opportunity to serve and make a difference.
         Adults, students, and children (age 5 and older) will work side-by-side in projects at Ida Freeman Elementary, the HOPE Center, and at the final Heard on Hurd of the season in the Ida Freeman booth. To see the full list of projects and sign up, use the Serve Our City form on fccedmond.org/register or complete a registration in the rotunda on Sunday.

  • Celebrate #SOCKTOBER!

    CONTACT: Shelley Regan sregan@fccedmond.org or 405.414.3544
    During the month of OCTober we are celebrating SOCKtober! We are collecting NEW socks for Ida Freeman Elementary kids in need, the homeless who attend Church Under the Bridge, and the Homeless Alliance in OKC. If you would like to join us, please purchase NEW socks for girls, boys, women, or men and drop them off at the SOCKTOBER display in Fellowship Hall by October 31. Want to do more? Grab some #socktober flyers and pass them out to friends. Snap a picture of the socks you share and share details on Facebook or Instagram with these hashtags #fccedmond #socktober #hereforgood Warming THEIR feet will warm YOUR heart. 

  • small things|GREAT LOVE: Fostering love for the foster community

    CONTACT: Erin Robertson erincrobertson@gmail.com 405.471.9386

    October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and so small things|Great Love is partnering with Palomar, OKC’s Family Justice Center. Most of the time, when children are exposed to violence in the home, they are taken into foster care for some length of time. Palomar can help those foster experiences be shorter, and end in reunification with one or both parents. Their mission is to provide protection, hope, and healing. Let’s work with them to interrupt the cycle of domestic violence and child abuse. Find more info on their website at https://palomarokc.org
         In October, we are collecting coloring books with markers or crayons. Please bring your donations to the box in fellowship hall by the end of the month.
         The mission of small things|GREAT LOVE is to promote the agencies and donation opportunities already in place around the OKC metro that benefit the foster community. Each month a different group will be highlighted, and a specific need or donation request will be shared. For more info, check out our website at  http://www.stglok.org

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  • Trunk or Treat Fun

    CONTACT: Jennifer Humphrey jhumphrey@fccedmond.org 405.341.3544 
    Join us Sunday, October 27, from 5 to 6:30pm, for a night of fun at our Trunk or Treat Event hosted by the First Christian Church Children’s Ministry. All children are invited to “trick-or-treat” in the East Parking Lot and play fun games on the lawn. Bring a canned food item (or TWO!) for a donation to the Edmond HOPE Center. Get those costumes ready! We hope to see you there!
    Game Hosts & Cupcakes/Candy Needed! Want to host a game on the lawn or donate some yummy candy? Wanna bake some cupcakes for a "Cupcake Walk"? We still need bags of individually wrapped candy, individually wrapped cupcakes and folks to "host" a game (you must be willing to dress up!) Come support this amazing, ALL-CHURCH family fun event! Contact Jennifer (above) to help or find out where to drop off candy.

  • Child Care Center News

    CONTACT: Bonnie Miller, CCC Director bmiller@fccedmond.org 405.341.2626
    When you support our CCC fundraising efforts, you make our center better for every child who attends! On October 15 if you dine at Pepperoni Grill in Edmond (between 5:00 and 9:00PM) and mention First Christian Church Child Care Center, we will receive a portion back! That's an easy opportunity to enjoy dinner out while giving back to the center.
    The Center recently purchased a new bus. This will help with transporting our before and after kids as well as making field trips possible in the Summer.

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  • 2019 Flu Shot & Vaccine Clinic

    CONTACT: Lauren VanOsdol lauren.vanosdol@gmail.com or 405.517.2713
    Our faith community nurse ministry is pleased to host a flu shot and vaccine clinic on Sunday October 13 from 8:30AM-12:15PM. Vaccines available: Flu (4 strain), 65+ Flu, Pneumonia, Tdap, Hepatitis A/B, MMR, Shingles, HPV, & Meningitis. No appointment necessary! Just come to the rotunda to complete a consent form and bring a copy of your insurance ID card. (Cash pricing available for those without insurance. Most insurance plans cover all age-recommended vaccines 100% without co-pay or cost sharing.) Shots will be given around the corner in Fellowship Hall.

  • In Our Prayers

    THOSE IN NEED OF PRAYER Bill Womble, Ed & Mary Walker, John & Dot Hammond  OUR SYMPATHY AND PRAYERS TO Scott & Amy Peters & Family in the passing of Scott’s mother, Kay Ginn, on September 7. Services were held September 21 in Bethany AND TO Melissa Hendricks in the passing of her grandmother, Alberta Alandzes, on September 10 AND TO The Family of Lorene Wilkinson Smith who passed away on September 12. Her services were held September 19 at FCC-Edmond AND TO The Family of Larry Griffin who passed away on September 13. His services were held September 20 at FCC-Edmond.  WE WELCOME NEW MEMBERS Leigh Ann Robertson AND Glen & Melissa Wilson who joined on September 1.  CELEBRATING A BABY DEDICATION Reid Connett Baust, son of Brett & Jennifer Baust, was dedicated on September 22. Grandparents are Peter & Alba Duller.
    Please share your prayer requests with us so we can pray for you. Contact Pastoral Assistant, Iris Muno Jordan at ijordan@fccedmond.org or 341-3544, ext. 110.

  • Happy Birthday FCC Friends!

    10/6 Steffanie Ward; 10/7 Emersen Heron, Staci Nash, Isaac VanOsdol; 10/8 Gary Owen; 10/9 Barry Black, Conner Kious, Coy Parsley; 10/10 Emily Gresh, Abi Haley, Saeed Sarani; 10/11 Beth Anne Davis, Steve Hanson; 10/12 Mitchem Ernst, Karen Walenciak; 10/13 Samantha Hoppe; 10/14 Wayne Davis, Judy Griffis, Averi Haley, Jennifer Humphrey, Mark Parkhurst, Luke Prejean, Glen Smith; 10/15 Beth Barnes Lott, Ali Fitzgerald, Tonya Fondren, Tami Hines, Emily King; 10/16 Belinda Davis, Brody Dobbs, Mason Dobbs; 10/17 Amanda Bowen, Martha Fields, Shelley Ryland, Jerry Tipton; 10/19 Brenda Dodson; 10/21 Sue Archer, Carter Cain, Gary Cauthen, Ann Crandall, Mark Nash; 10/22 Darlene Dooner, Mike Felice, Kay Sullins, Emily Taylor, Lane Tompkins, Linda Weddle; 10/23 Audrey Carder, Ali Haley, Jennifer Hast, Don Keeton; 10/24 Richard Finley; 10/25 Brock Hart, Mattie Huff, Heather Simms; 10/26 Amy Barbush, Virginia Hiebert, Jackie Koger, Teddi Owen, Jim Sill; 10/27 Amy Evans, Ronnie Harris III; 10/28 Benny Christensen; 10/29 Claire Thulin; 11/1 Reese Hart, Bradley Havenar, Ryan Miller, Mack Mitchell, Jett VanOsdol; 11/2 John Earnheart, Paige Medley, John Riester, Joy Riester; 11/4 Mark Livingston; 11/5 Margaret Hall, Haley Helms, Joyce Little; 11/6 Jim Conlin, Connie Dixon, Cindy Hammett, Fay Parsley, Mickey Stufflebean; 11/8 Monica Benear; 11/9 Jan Anderson, Kelly VanOsdol; 11/10 Lyndsey Luschen, Wayne Warner

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