Starting June 18, 2017, many of our Sunday morning Adult Education classes will be participating in our Summer Sunday School Series. These sessions begin at 10:00am in the chapel each Sunday morning. Visit our Summer Series page for more information about the 2017 guest speakers and schedule!

If you have any questions or need help finding your way during the Summer months, Rev. Micah James is happy to help.

Sunday School Classes


Who: Adults of all ages | Location: Rm 113 
Teachers: Class Members
A discussion oriented class focusing on issues of Christian beliefs, faith, interpretation and historical perspective. The class seeks the expression of many varied points of view in an open-minded atmosphere of spiritual growth. Meets at a time convenient for singing with the choir.


Who: 60’s — 80’s | Location: Rm 116
Teacher: Don Wiechmann
The Challengers are a strong fellowship and service-oriented class, always ready to “meet the challenge.” They enjoy active discussion and Bible study.


Who: 70’s — 90’s | Location: Rm 112
Teachers: Class Members
Class members rotate to lend their teaching perspectives to this lecture-based class. Curriculum is the “Present Word” series, which is studied after the class begins by singing a few gospel songs.

Christian Issues

Who: Adults of all ages | Location: Rm 115
Teachers: Larry Mullins & Chris Shorow
An intergenerational class for anyone interested in exploring the connections between faith & daily living.


Who: Adults of all ages | Location: Rm 130
Teacher: Ellen Chitwood
An intergenerational fellowship for single and married adults. The class enjoys a variety of Bible studies, both lecture and discussion oriented.

Road to Faith

Who: 20's - 40's | Location: Rm B01 (Basement)
Teacher: Melody Coco & Amanda Stuke
This class is geared towards adults who want to discover a faith that makes a difference in their lives. Walking the road together, stretching minds, and building friendships. This class is discussion based.


Who: 40's, 50's & a few 60's! | Location: Rm 201
Teacher: Kelly VanOsdol
A discussion-oriented class which uses a variety of short term studies and subjects of current interest. Both married and singles are welcome to participate in the fellowship and service projects of the class.


Who: 40's & 50's couples | Location: Rm 114
Teacher: Kay Mades
Fellowship and service are strongly emphasized in this class. They share in a variety of topical studies.


Who: 50's & 60's | Location: Rm 117
Teachers: Class Members
A discussion oriented group, that places a high emphasis on fellowship together. Class members rotate teaching duties which adds to varied perspectives.