We recognize the need for intentional time to nurture our faith and grow through study with others. In a church our size it is easy to remain anonymous if one only attends Sunday morning worship. At First Christian you will find a variety of Sunday morning classes, Bible studies and discussion groups to help you grow in your faith. These groups are vital to our community life together. We encourage you to get connected by visiting one or more of the groups listed. If you have any questions, Rev. Micah James would love to visit with you about your faith formation.


Adult Sunday Morning Classes


Classes Meeting at 9:30am


  • Who:  60’s — 80’s  |    Room 116
  • Teacher: Don Wiechmann           
  • The Challengers are a strong fellowship and service-oriented class, always ready to “meet the challenge.” They enjoy active discussion and Bible study. 


  • Who: Adults of all ages | Location: Room 113
  • Teachers: Jeff Fine-Thomas & Larry Ball
  • A discussion oriented class focusing on issues of Christian beliefs, faith, interpretation and historical perspective. The class seeks the expression of many varied points of view in an open-minded atmosphere of spiritual growth. Meets at a time convenient for singing with the choir!


  • Who:  70’s — 90’s  |  Room 112 
  • Class members rotate to lend their teaching perspectives to this lecture-based class.  Curriculum is the “Present Word” series, which is studied after the class begins by singing a few gospel songs.

Classes Meeting at 10:00 am

Christian Issues

  • Who: Adults of all ages |  Room 125
  • Teacher: Rev. Chris Shorow
  • An intergenerational class for anyone interested in exploring the connections between faith & daily living.
  • CURRENT STUDY: "Vanishing Grace" by Philip Yancey


  • Who: Adults of all ages | Room 130
  • Teacher: Ellen Chitwood
  • An intergenerational fellowship for single and married adults. The class enjoys a variety of Bible studies, both lecture and discussion oriented.


  • Who: 40's, 50's & a few 60's! |  Room 201
  • Teacher: Kelly VanOsdol
  • Style: Teacher-led Discussion
  • A discussion-oriented class which uses a variety of short term studies and subjects of current interest. Both married and singles are welcome to participate in the fellowship and service projects of the class.


  • Who: 40's & 50's  couples | Room 114
  • Teacher: Kay Mades
  • Fellowship and service are strongly emphasized in this class. 
  • CURRENT STUDY: Colossians


  • Who: 50's & 60's | Room 117
  • Teachers: Class Members
  • Style: Teacher-led Discussion
  • A group that places a high emphasis on fellowship together. Class members rotate teaching duties which adds to varied perspectives.

The Road to Faith

  • Who: 20's & 30's, Singles & Couples | Room 207
  • Style: Class-led Discussion
  • Together we are walking the road, exploring our faith, stretching our minds and building community. 
  • CURRENT STUDY: "Staying in Love" by Paul Stanley

Bible Studies & Faith Development

Wednesday @ 5:00    
How Do I Explain...? - Led by Rev. Micah James, Rm #116

It’s the day of a baptism and you are sitting next to a young one. The child looks up at you and says, “why is that person getting all wet?” Do you know how to respond? OR You are serving communion and a youth, who has not been baptized, asks, “can I have some?” What do you say? OR In the celebration of Christmas, a new member asks you, “why are there so many candles?” Can you tell them? Come learn about the symbols of our faith in a way that you can explain them simply and share them confidently. This 12-session class will include hands-on learning, discussion, and bible study - and - is open to everyone!

Wednesday @ 6:30  
Jesus in the Arts - Led by Rev. Chris Shorow, Rm #116 - Sept.14 - Oct. 12

How has Christ been portrayed through the ages in art and music? We will look at images of Jesus from the earliest church drawings in the catacombs to the most modern of images in our media. What do these say about who Jesus is and what does it mean to us? Sometimes some of our ideas of Jesus are more informed by images than by scripture. We will also hear music from those eras and be inspired by some of the greatest art through the ages.  

The Basics of Faith —What do you believe? -  Oct. 26 - Dec. 7
We will cover significant Christian topics like resurrection, communion, life after death, the Second Coming, Biblical authority and divine violence in the Bible. What does the Bible have to say about these topics and what has the Christian tradition taught us about these issues?

Connections Women’s Bible Study

Women take part in study, fellowship and prayer on either Monday evening or Thursday mornings. Connections is held during the spring and fall semesters. 

Details on additional studies and course offerings can be found on our website calendar, newsletter, worship bulletin or in The Hub group list.  Contact Rev. Micah James at mjames@fccedmond.org for more information.