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Credits: Thank you to Campbell Christensen for her oneline illustration of our wilderness backpacker.

Lent begins in the wilderness. The spirit guided Jesus into the wilderness where he came face to face with temptation and struggle. Yet, in his forty days of fasting, resisting, and wandering, Jesus is shaped and formed for ministry. Through the season of Lent, we, too, are invited to surrender to the wilderness journey. 

Wilderness Words daily devotionals guide our journey through the Lenten season. Sign up to receive a weekly email that provides a scripture, focus word, and brief prayer for daily use. You can also pick up Wilderness Words packs from the church rotunda.

Other highlights of the season include:

~ Into the Wilderness Worship Series
Sunday, March 1 through Easter Sunday, April 12 

~ Palm Sunday, April 5
10:30AM - Palm Parade and Liturgy with St. Mary's Episcopal Church. Gather in the rotunda to receive your palm branch, then parade with us to Shannon Miller Park and beyond. We return in time for the 11:00 worship service. Our 2020 Pastor's Class participants are baptized this morning. Parents, there will be no Children's Sunday School this day so that we can all participate in the Palm Liturgy and Parade. 

~ Maundy Thursday, April 9
What makes tonight different than any other night? It is the age-old question asked every year at the Jewish feast of Passover. It is their night to remember the Hebrew people’s escape from captivity as slaves in Egypt, a night that remembers the beginning of a new life of freedom found in the wilderness. For Christians, Maundy Thursday holds the defining story of our weekly shared meal at the table, our formative story that nothing can betray or defeat the power of God’s love. On this night, we gather to remember and rejoice in how God has always acted in the past to save us, the people of God. And how God continues to do that for us now.
6:00 Dinner & Lecture - On this night we will share a meal together while hearing from Dr. Charles Kimball, Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Kimball’s presentation will help up have a deeper appreciation of the Passover festival meal and its connection to the wilderness experience of the ancient Israelites.
7:00 Singing Through the Wilderness Holy Week Service – When trudging through the wilderness, songs give us strength and courage to keep moving. Our Maundy Thursday service will interweave song and poetry within the passion narrative to keep us singing on the journey to and beyond the cross of Christ. We will share holy communion, and members of our 2020 Pastors’ Class will partake for the first time. Come experience the fullness of the two faith traditions that shape the meaning of our lives.

~ Easter Sunday, April 12
Worship with us at 8:15, 9:00, or 11:00AM as we celebrate resurrection to new life!
Easter Brunch served from 8:30 to 11:00AM - all are welcome. Parents, there will be no Children's Sunday School this day so that we can all enjoy the brunch.