• Corpus Christi

    We spent two days in Corpus Christi. The first day we got there set up and performed at the church. Even though we were all incredibly tired we pulled together and performed a great show. Katie Pierce was one of the people who did a great job smiling the whole time. They made a great dinner before the show, and it was one of the best hot dogs I've ever had. The people were beyond nice not just because of the food they made for for us and for letting us stay at their church but also because they would come up and talk to us I know that I had more than one person tell me how incredibly happy they were that we were there. That was really cool. The next day we went to the beach. It was my first time at the beach and I think it was made a hundred times better just because I was there with all my friends from our youth group. Not only did I get to have fun in the water and in the sand, but I also had fun watching Jake Blevins run away from birds with a piece of pizza. The pizza was very good. After we got back I had never been happier to take a shower in my whole life. I was also taught by one of the juniors, Cindy, how to make a really cool bracelet out of string. I feel like in that afternoon I got to spend time with people I hadn't talked to before and make awesome memories. So I guess I'm saying that I enjoyed Corpus Christi not just for the beach but for the fact that I was just there with my youth group. -Kate Adkins
  • San Antonio

    SAN ANTONIO On Sunday we left for San Antonio, Texas and the fun hasn't stopped since we got here. When we showed up we immediately set-up for the show and performed for a nice sized audience and might I say, our vocal chords were on point. However, our grand finale of singing "Yes, I believe" was so rudely interrupted by Ally Nash's faulty technical skills:) The track skipped over half the song but it's okay because we were very #blessed with Jackie Carder who saved the entire show and got us back on track. (Jackie... You the real MVP.) After the performance, the Central Christian Church of San Antonio's youth group provided us with ice cream, a mini dance party, and games. Monday was personally my very favorite day we've had on this entire trip! We volunteered all day at the Inman Christian Center and it was probably one of the most heart-warming experiences I've been apart of throughout all my time in the Youth Group. We spent the day doing various chores in and around the building helping with organization, yard work, and anything else that needed polishing up. After we finished we got the chance to play with the children on the playground and performed a few of our musical songs. Being able to interact with the children showed me (and the rest of the youth) who exactly we were benefitting. As we were singing I noticed how interested the children were in our music and the tears in the Inman Center Staff's eyes really showed the appreciation they had for all the hard work we put in and it's truly a moment and experience I will never forget. After the Inman Center we took the most GLORIOUS showers at the Local YMCA and headed to the River Walk, where we spent the night out shopping and ate dinner at Cafe Olé. Half of my small group bought floppy hats for the beach on Thursday and I know that's one of those purchases that I'm really feeling good about now but will regret when it sits in my closet, untouched for the next 10 years... ON TUESDAY WE PARTIED AT FIESTA TEXAS:):):) I was in the extreme group so we went on every big roller coaster in sight. It rained mid-day and most of the rides shut down for a few hours BUT we were able to make the best of it and play games in the nicely covered gazebo we found. When we got back to the church we ate dinner, did our bible study, and prepared for CHRISTMAS IN JULY!! We all got decked out in our Christmas getup to play Christmas games and dance our Christmas dances to wonderful Christmas Jams. After celebrating for a few hours, we ended our night with worship and then played a little game of SARDINES. All in all, the rest of the trip has some pretty big expectations to meet based off of how much FUN we had in San Antonio! ~Haley Felix
  • Day 4 - Abilene

    Yesterday we started the day off at 7am and got ready to spend the day at the zoo. We saw many interesting and exotic animals, including spider monkeys, lions, and giraffes. Lots of us got the opportunity to feed the giraffes, which was a highlight of our day. Them we headed back to First Christian Church of Abilene to volunteer at their VBS kick-off festival. Later we got dressed and ready for our performance. Many of the children from the festival came to see the show, during which kids laughed and tried to sing along. By far one of the best performances to date. The FCC of Abilene treated us with free ice cream at Sonic and surprised us with pizza when we got back to the church. They were wonderful and we had a great time. We can't wait to explore the rest of Texas! - Ali Fitzgerald, Kaitlyn Wood & Shelby Wilkerson
  • Day 2 - Lubbock

    Yesterday we we woke up at 7 am and started packing the bags by 10 am we had packed the bus and were ready for our one and a half hour bus ride to Lubbock. When we reached Lubbock we stopped at a park for lunch. After we left the park we arrived at The First Christian Church in Lubbock. We unloaded the bus and started to setup the musical and then a reporter and camera from a local news station showed up to do interviews and highlight us on their show. It is a rewarding feeling to be able to spread the word to others and to see how God's love can change peoples lives. Also to top it off the church prepared an amazing dinner. After dinner we had another amazing performance. Now we are on our way to new adventures in Abilene! - Jake Blevins
  • Day 1 - Amarillo

    "Taking Texas by Song" started off with a bang, and also some heavy rain yesterday morning. By 6 am, all youth participants and sponsors had arrived, check-in had begun and the buses were ready to be packed to the fullest with sleep gear and belongings. After a hearty breakfast and a send-off by the elders, we were off on our 11 day adventure to bring a musical to and share fellowship with churches across Texas and Arkansas. For lunch, we stopped at the Big Texan restaurant for lunch, home to the 72 lb steak challenge, where we were fortunate enough to witness a man all the way from Switzerland try to attempt the feat. When we all arrived at the First Christian Church of Amarillo, the buses were promptly unpacked and the setup for our first performance began. Without a doubt, our first performance didn't fail to entertain the audience, who were welcoming and so glad to have us stay at their church! The night ended with a celebratory dinner for the success of our first performance, and we all went to sleep, to prepare for the next day of travel and "Yes I Believe." -Jessica Werhun
  • Follow the Youth on Their Summer Musical Mission Trip!

    Follow the adventures of our youth on their Summer Musical Mission Trip, from July 9 through July 20! Follow the blog page at www.fccedmond.org/youth-mission-blog or on Twitter at www.twitter.com/fccedmondyouth or Facebook at www.facebook.com/fccedmondyouth

  • Final Rehearsals

    We are nearing the end of the final week of rehearsals for our musical, and everyone is sounding and looking great! We will leave July 9 and travel through Texas and Arkansas before making our way back to Edmond on July 20 for our homecoming performance right here at FCC Edmond. We will be providing regular updates on this page during the trip, so be sure to check back each day! Want to know where we will be each day? Check out this list!

    • July 9 - Amarillo, TX
    • July 10 - Lubbock, TX
    • July 11-12 - Abilene, TX
    • July 13-15 - San Antonio, TX
    • July 16-17 - Corpus Christi, TX
    • July 18 - Longview, TX
    • July 19 - Fort Smith, AR
    • July 20 - Edmond, OK
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