We Are Woven Together

CONTACT: Rev. Dr. John Regan jregan@fccedmond.org 405.341-3544
At First Christian Church we believe God calls us to be in relationships with one another, worshiping together, asking questions, growing in our faith, and responding to the needs we see in our world.

As we have woven our lives together in this community of faith, individual gifts and ideas have helped fashion a tapestry of love and transformation. This past year has been remarkable as we have grown a vital partnership with Ida Freeman Elementary. We have packed 70+ backpacks of food to go home with the most vulnerable children each weekend, supported librarians and teachers with classroom projects, shared classroom supplies with teachers, and developed a pilot program we called Jaguar Summer Steam Camp, serving children who were rising to 5th grade. Some of those campers are now serving in leadership at Ida Freeman, helping with weekend food projects alongside our volunteers. Every gift of support will help us do more to ensure each child can show up to school ready to learn instead of hungry and worried about their next meal.

The response to serve and give through our Weaving a Life That Matters Annual Campaign has been wonderful so far. To date, we have received 112 commitments to support our 2020 budget totaling $527,143. Our goal this year is to receive commitments totaling $818,825 to help fund a budget of $1,154,000. If you haven’t already done so, we hope you’ll take time now to let us know what gifts you can share with First Christian in 2020. You may complete a commitment to give card at the church, use this online commitment form or contact our Business Administrator, Karla Mahan at kmahan@fccedmond.org or 405.341.3544.

With your acts of service and financial gifts, we will continue to raise up the next generation by nurturing the gifts of students through intentional faith development. We’ll continue to reach out to the world to bring healing in broken places. We'll continue offering a welcoming place to share life, support one another, and worship together. Every relationship formed, every act of service volunteered, and every gift shared matter. Let’s keep weaving as God intends!