We Are Here For Good!

CONTACT: Don Wiechmann, Board Moderator unibrow1948@aol.com 405.834.8265
In Psalm 132, God says to the people, “This will always be my home; this is what I want, and I’m here for good.” Here permanently, and here for the benefit of all people. At First Christian, we want to tell that same story to our community because we are a church that is Here for Good!

We've launched a new capital campaign we are calling Here for Good. We hope to raise $600,000 to fund some projects that will help us put our best face forward as we seek to welcome new people into our community of faith. These will also help us better welcome our community partners with whom we share our spaces. The Here For Good campaign picks up where our Moving Forward drive leaves off, and will also allow us to continue making our construction note payment for the last capital improvements we made including our parking lot, playground, and classroom upgrades.

To read more about the Here For Good proposed projects, the reasons behind them, or to make your pledge now, visit this page on our website.

To hear more about the Here For Good initiatives, join us Sunday, May 5 for NEXT 90 at 10am in the Fellowship Hall.