Use Givelify to Give!

CONTACT: Rev. Micah James 405.341.3544
First Christian Church is switching to Givelify as our mobile platform for giving. Givelify will save us hundreds of dollars in software fees, plus provide a simple way of giving!
To use this new giving platform, simply follow these instructions:
Download the Givelify app from your App Store or Google Play (Iphone/Android). Sign up for your account. Enter the financial information you would like to use to make your gifts. That’s it! It will save your information for easy use the next time you want to give!
At the top of the FCC website, you will see the “G” link to Givelify. You can also give through Givelify that way. As before, ALL gifts made online will be recorded on your giving statement. If you would like to set up an ACH (bank draft), please contact Karla Mahan, our Business Administrator, and she can help you do this through a service with our Bank.