The Journey of Capital Campaigns

Contact: Rev. Dr. John Regan 405.341.3544
When you have been on a long journey it is important, from time to time, to stop and see how far you have come. In 2015, First Christian Church decided to move forward with the dream of closing Jackson Street. Through the Moving Forward capital campaign, we realized that dream and were also able to obtain a more functional and accessible parking lot, relocate an elementary age playground, build a new infant toddler playground, and address some other strategic financial goals. The Moving Forward campaign received 168 commitments to give $761,906 and has received $744,870 to date. This three-and-a-half-year campaign (2016-2019) has exceeded our expectations. The total cost of the projects completed (including the parking lot) was 1.2 million dollars. Thanks to the generosity of our congregation we can expect to owe approximately $423,000 on the construction note by the end of 2019.

Knowing that the Moving Forward Campaign would end this December, in April of this year, our Church Board approved a new capital fund drive called Here For Good. This campaign asked our congregation to commit to give to the building fund from January 2020 through December 2021. In addition to funding continued loan payments on our construction note over the next two years, Here For Good gifts will allow us to refresh and repair some of the wear and tear in our facilities so we can put our best face forward. The projects we envision each have a distinct rationale to welcome people, support growth, and prepare for the future.

We received 110 commitments for a total of $410,588. Giving to the Here For Good campaign begins January 1, 2020, continuing through December 31, 2021. We anticipate receiving additional gifts, and believe we will receive $450,000 through Here For Good by the end of 2021. If you would like to learn all we hope to accomplish through Here For Good, read more online at If you haven’t made a commitment to give, we hope you’ll consider making one now so we can continue sharing our facilities with our community For Good.

This fall, the Board authorized our Giving Task Force to move ahead with our first Here For Good capital improvements. The first phase is remodeling the Fellowship Hall. Painting has already begun, and by the end of 2019 we will see these changes:

· New drop ceiling and pendant lighting above the coffee bar
· Electrical upgrade for coffee machines and new lighting
· New coffee bar counters and cabinetry
· New flooring, including carpet and luxury vinyl tile
· Subway tile above counters and coffee bar
· New mobile serving station
· Painted accent wall

The next capital improvements will be new flooring for the main hallways in the Children’s Education building and four children’s classrooms. We hope this work is completed before the Spring Unite semester resumes.

If you need information about where you stand with your gifts to the 2016-2019 Moving Forward Campaign or would like to make a commitment to the Here For Good 2020-2021 campaign, please contact our Business Administrator, Karla Mahan at or 405-341-3544.