Stories of Hope

Things have changed. Now is the time when this statement is really an understatement. Life is different for all of us. As our daily routines change it is helpful to remember that we are not alone. One of the reminders of this for me has been talking to so many of you dealing with this situation. The church has assembled a calling team to try and reach out to every member to see how they are doing and if they need anything (like TP!). And we are hearing many stories of hope. 

I have heard stories of landlords giving free months of rent to hurting tenants. Stories of people sharing food with one another, selflessly and with joy. People calling one another just to check up and say, “I love you!” Stories of old friends reconnecting after years of having no contact. Random acts of kindness. 

It is at times like this that the best in people comes out. Most of you have asked me, “What can I do?” And the truth is that in social isolation we are limited in what we can do. But I am proud of our church, stepping up in a time of great need. Breakfast on Boulevard continues curbside pickup to feed anyone who is hungry. We have teamed up with Edmond Public Schools to help distribute food to hungry families at Northern Hills Elementary.  

However, much has changed. We are now worshiping online. Our activities, including our Child Care Center, have been shut down. We are seeking new ways of being a church family. Our Palm Sunday service has moved online, with the baptism of our Pastors’ Class being delayed until we can gather in person again. Our Maundy Thursday service and Easter worship will also be online. Upcoming book studies, Bible studies and virtual meetings will be our new normal for a while. Let’s be creative and let God’s spirit create inspiring ways for us to be people of the Kingdom. And as we journey through this wilderness together, let us not lose hope. We know you are seeing hope rise-up all around.  

Please send us images of where you’ve seen hope in the midst of this wilderness. And don’t forget we also want to see images of your worship space complete with your candle and what you are using for communion. Email your photos to 

Let us not lose hope and let us reach out and be a ray of hope to others