Something Missing (Part 2) - Michele Schlough

When Chuck and I returned to the States, we got so caught up in raising our two young children we did not go to church. We began having problems in our marriage. We didn't agree on some important issues about raising kids and what we expected from each other and the marriage. I had already had my hip replaced once in 1970 then Chuck received orders to go to Alaska solo. We elected not to make any decisions about our marriage until he returned a year later.

The children and I moved to Sun Prairie, Wisconsin to a housing area set aside for “waiting wives.” My husband's parents lived nearby so we were able to visit often. There were several families where the serviceman was stationed overseas and I got to know many of the women. One of my friends was a Christian and we would often talk about what God had done in her life. She was very kind and gentle but never came around to tell me what I needed to do to have Jesus as Lord of my life. I know what that feeling is like now, when I try to share my faith with someone. It is the most wonderful news and yet seems so personal at the same time. I don't know how to share my faith with others as well as I would like.

I began attending a Baptist church and for the first time in my life I heard the Word spoken as if it were written just for me. I heard that in order to receive Jesus as my Savior, I would have to open the door for Him and ask Him to come into my life. All these years I knew He was there for me, but I had never asked Him to come into my heart - to be the Master of my existence.

I did ask Him to forgive me of my sins and to be the head of my little family while Chuck was still in Alaska. The peace I knew in that moment was beyond measure. I knew instantly I was a child of God and He would hold me in the palm of His hand for ever. I remember crying myself to sleep that night, not because of my pain, but because of what Jesus had to go through to assure someone like me the privilege of going to heaven.

God was working in our lives even at this time. You see my husband had been rooming with a Baptist minister and was led to the Lord at almost the precise time I was. He read the Bible and looked upon marriage as something precious and God given. We worked together to work out our differences and began to let the Lord be the center of our family.

We raised the children to know how important the Lord was in our lives and they both asked Jesus into their hearts. Those were two of the happiest times in my life and I know my son is in Heaven waiting on us.

All during my life, in and out of hospitals, I have called on God to give me strength to endure the next procedure. He has spoken to my heart in many ways and has allowed me to withstand the pain of operations and recuperation periods by keeping my focus on Him. I know without a doubt that I will be dancing in Heaven one day when my work on earth is done.

"I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. He will come in and go out, and find pasture." - John 10:9

Reflection Question

Have you asked God into your heart? How did that make you feel? 


Hear my prayer, oh Lord. May your word be preached so there is no question that you love each of us enough to have sent your Son to die for us to wash away our sins. If there is even one person in the congregation who needs to hear this message, let them hear and understand, for I was once that one person. Amen

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