small things|GREAT LOVE: Fostering Love for the Foster Community

CONTACT: Erin Robertson 405.471.9386
Cut it Forward is a non-profit organization providing culturally specific hair and skin care resources for foster and adopted youth of color, and their caregivers. Many youth of color enter foster and adoptive systems with their culturally specific, ethnic hair and skin care needs going unmet and misunderstood. Not only is this reality detrimental to their physical and mental health, self-image, and confidence, but these realities can create barriers to cultural bonding, self-care, and more. We believe that every child entering foster or adoptive care, and every caregiver opening up their home, should have access to culturally specific support so youth’s hair and skin care needs are being addressed responsibly and holistically. Check out more about this fantastic group at

In May, we will be collecting ethnic hair and skin products. Check out the ethnic section in Walmart’s hair aisle for product ideas, then bring your small thing to the Fellowship Hall donation box!

The mission of small things|GREAT LOVE is to promote the agencies and donation opportunities already in place around the OKC metro that benefit the foster community. Each month a different group will be highlighted, and a specific need or donation request will be shared. For more info, check out our website at