small things|GREAT LOVE: Fostering Love for the Foster Community

Contact: Erin Robertson, 405.471.9386
February is the month of love, and this month we are showing great love to Angels Foster Family Network! Angels’ goal is to form deep community involvement, volunteerism, and cultivate the best foster homes available for infants, toddlers, and children. Angels prides itself on relationships from Foster Parent to Child, Caseworker to Parent, and all of the people in between. Angels works to create the very best support for families and the children we care for. All ages need love, and because of this, Angels can place up to age 18. Find more info on their website at In February we are collecting pacifiers. Please bring your donations to the box in fellowship hall by the end of the month.

The mission of small things|GREAT LOVE is to promote the agencies and donation opportunities already in place around the OKC metro that benefit the foster community. The donations will be small so that it would be ridiculous not to participate, but the love shown will be great. For more info, check out our Facebook page at