Simple Acts, Done With Great Love

Mother Teresa taught us that none of us has to do great things, but we can all do small things with great love. This morning I called someone I love. It didn’t take long to tell my niece in Florida that I was thinking about her, and how sad I was that 10th grade is on pause with her activities canceled. Then I reminded her she has a choice. She can be bored or shift her focus to others. I told her reaching out to her grandparents was really important now because they need to hear her voice during these days of isolation (I even offered extra credit for using Facetime so they could see her smiling face!)

When hope is waning, our call is to change our focus and engage in small acts of love. Yes, social distancing is required for now, but simple acts can help overcome social isolation. Today is the day the Lord has called YOU to respond! Call someone you love today so they can hear your voice. Check on your friends and neighbors. Our Elders have been calling some of the most isolated in our family of faith. You can call or text the people in your small group, Bible study, or Sunday School class. It is hard to be scared or bored when someone reminds you that you are loved.

There is another vital act of hope First Christian is sharing in these challenging days. We have transformed Breakfast on Boulevard to “Grab and Go.” Patrons are receiving carry out breakfast items with their sack lunches. Things will continue to change, but we WILL innovate and respond. Because we believe our most urgent call is to love and care for our neighbors and that none should go hungry! Share a gift for Breakfast on Boulevard now, or mail a check to FCC marked BOB.

We are in the wilderness.  We'll get through it together. We find our hope in God - "For you, O Lord, are my hope, my trust, O Lord, from my youth.” Psalm 71:5 and in simple acts done with great love.
 I love you, First Christian, now share it forward!
Rev. Dr. John Regan, Executive Minister