This is where we met, married, raised our children and continue to worship.

Karla first came to FCC in January, 1973. The main reason was the proximity to the dorms at Central State. Robert’s family moved to Edmond in July, 1973.

In the fall of 1973 we met in one of the Child Care Center rooms. It was the first meeting of a college aged group put together by the associate ministers of FCC and First Presbyterian. We began dating on New Year’s Eve 1974 and were married in the chapel (then the sanctuary) in August 1975.

We have been involved on so many levels and in so many different capacities over the past 40 plus years that it is hard to express what First Christian Church means to us! This is where we met, married, raised our children and continue to worship. There is not a square foot of this physical structure that we haven’t had some life experience that ties our memories to this location and all the different phases we have known here.

We remain committed to the people, music, worship, studies, volunteering opportunities that we share with friends brand new and those we've known for a long time. This truly is our church home.

We’ve had opportunity to participate in many, many studies over these last 44 years. We have learned from many points of view and been challenged by living within the community. We’ve had opportunity to serve on committees, in outreach experiences as youth sponsors, BOB, Worship and Wonder, housing victims of Hurricane Katrina, serving and prayer ministers, visiting in hospitals and other facilities.

All of our experiences have deepened our relationship with God and with other members of the congregation.

We’ve experienced Christ in every corner of every space. We’ve known Him in the times when we all rejoiced over the good things that have happened in our adulthood. We’ve known Him in the challenges and losses we have experienced and shared with this community. We see Him every time we enter the doors for worship. We’ve especially seen Him in the people He has placed in our lives.