Prayers & Stories of Hope

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THOSE IN NEED OF PRAYER Ed & Mary Walker, John & Dot Hammond
CELEBRATING NEW LIFE Elizabeth Rose Marie born April 6 to Karri Smith; Grandparents are David & Kimberli Smith and Liz Campbell and Great Grandparents are Jack & Gayle Smith AND Luke Russell Thulin born April 8 to Sara & Jared Thulin.
OUR SYMPATHY AND PRAYERS TO Dana Theobald and Darcy Biby on the passing of their mother, Sidney Pierce, on March 17 AND TO Sue Archer on the passing of her sister, Pat Young, in Dallas AND TO Jim Freymiller on the passing of his father, Larry Freymiller, on April 5 in Wisconsin AND TO Karla Mahan on the passing of her aunt, Pat Moore, on April 10 AND TO Melissa Hendricks on the passing of her grandfather, Paul Vagedes, on April 24 AND TO The Family of John Osburn, who passed away on April 25. No service planned at this time AND TO Jim Quade on the passing of his cousin, Bobby Quade, on April 22 in Illinois AND TO Lisa Carpenter Grant on the passing of her mother, Wanda Carpenter, who passed recently AND TO the Family of Judy Berry who passed away on May 6, in TX.
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