Minister's Message

CONTACT: Rev. Dr. Chris Shorow 405.341.3544
Here we go!

It is upon us—the holiday season. That’s right, from Halloween on through to Christmas, the time seems to fly. Our schedules are about to fill up with parties, shopping, decorating and cooking. And when Christmas finally arrives, most of us will say it got here too quickly and we didn’t have time to prepare.

So, hold on. Take a deep breath. God has given us the gift of time and we are called to be good stewards of the gift. So how will you spend your time in the coming weeks? Here’s a suggestion. Figure out what is most important to you and prioritize your time around that. The Christmas season is a time to celebrate the gift that we have been given in Christ Jesus. Share your joy with others, give freely of yourself to others in your life, and always reflect the love that God has for you to the world.

You still have time to make this season a time of blessing. Rather than rushing around trying to get too many things done, enjoy this season by setting realistic goals and manageable projects. And please be graceful to yourself. You don’t have to construct a perfect holiday season for yourself and those around you. Your job is to accept the gift of Jesus.

Now, let’s go celebrate!