Minister's Message

CONTACT: Rev. Dr. John Regan
This weekend the 2017-2018 Faith Leader Group will conclude its time together at a Friday night retreat. Karla Rowley and I have known the joy of facilitating this small group made up of Bruce Jackson, Shelley Ryland, Amy Hepler, Zach Williams, Traci Bartley, and Pete Simms. Faith Leader consists of 28 sessions that explore: the biblical foundations of leadership within a religious community; an introduction to a variety of Christian spiritual practices; the insights into how Christians discern their spiritual calling; and the opportunity to write a personal plan of ministry.

Faith Leader is designed to enhance people’s awareness of their spiritual type and spiritual gifts. Spiritual type is analogous to some of the familiar personality type indicators (i.e. Myers-Briggs) that make us aware of some of our preferred ways of being in the world. Faith Leader has a way of validating the variety of ways that we prefer to live and to experience our spiritual journey. Faith Leader also alerts us to our native gifts that are simply something already within us. Gifts are not really something to learn or study, but are important to name and claim. Throughout the long history of the Church, Christians have understood that our spiritual formation and maturity requires the help and insights from others. For it is often others who see something in us that we cannot see within ourselves.

I would like to express my profound thanks to this year’s class. Not only have you inspired me, but also confirmed my hopes and aspirations of what God is doing in this beautiful world!