Minister's Message - The Journey of Faith Is Better Together

CONTACT: Rev. Mark Taylor
If you're anything like me, when you get busy or overwhelmed you tend to isolate and insulate yourself from others. I'm not sure the reason many of us end up doing this. Inevitably, during periods of stress or busyness, I place myself in my own little personal silo. I know many people have similar tendencies. Perhaps there's an unconscious feeling we don't have time for social interactions in the middle of stressful points in our lives. Or maybe deep down inside there's some unfounded idea that things will happen more efficiently or will have a better outcome if we isolate ourselves from those around us and do it all on our own. The truth is, however, that the inverse is true nearly every time. If we allow ourselves an opportunity to be vulnerable, we are really affording ourselves the chance to experience support, encouragement, and love through the Body of Christ.

While we might believe it's somehow easier or better doing things on our own, the reality is that we are better together. This is true in good times and bad; in a state of stress or in a state of comfort. We were not created to go through this life independently in isolation. We are better together.

This year our Faith Development teams have adopted a new strategy and vision based on this very idea. Beginning this Fall, you're going to see some changes in the way we communicate and operate that are designed to incorporate the best things we all bring to the table. We believe it's better to share the journey, both in our personal lives and in our faith path. We are going to be intentional about equipping families with tools to continue the conversations that happen at church. We hope to be able to extend the exciting things happening at church far beyond our walls; we want them to be incorporated into the every-day lives of the children, students, and adults who are impacted by the Faith Development Ministries of First Christian Church. We believe we are better together.