Minister's Message - What Will You Weave?

CONTACT: Rev. Dr. John Regan, Executive Minister or 405.341.3544 
Our identity, the fabric of our being, is made up of those who are woven into our lives. Everything we know and learn is informed by the relationships into which we are woven. We are not capable of learning to think outside of the community that nurtures us to maturity. Church, at its best, inspires us to be more loving, to form relationships that support and challenge, to address needs in the community, and to be generous.
     This Sunday we will complete our Weaving A Life That Matters sermon series. This series has helped us consider what matters most in life, and how being a part of this faith community helps us fashion lives of meaning and purpose. I hope you have been inspired by the videos we have shared in worship. If you missed a week, please go to to view the ones you might have missed!
     This series coincides with our annual practice of asking where you will serve and what you will give to the church during the coming year. Our Nominating Committee is in high gear asking people to serve in leadership. Committees are developing budgets to fund the dreams and programs they would like to offer. The Giving Task Force is finalizing plans that will renovate the Fellowship Hall, the first of our Here for Good Capital Campaign projects.
      We’ve created a new Commitment to Serve sheet that highlights a few new and ongoing areas where you can invest your time. We also ask that everyone in the church make a commitment to support all the ministries we do together. It is a commitment to give to something we believe in and something much bigger than ourselves. Our shared financial gifts are a community reservoir supporting our common hopes of what we will do next. We don’t give because it is easy; we give because it is important. We don’t compare ourselves with others or ask, "how much do I have to give?" We simply ask one another to share what we can. Because without your gift, or without my gift our mission is a little smaller and our impact is reduced.
     Our influence and our compassion are woven together by our shared commitments, our growing passions, our faithful service, and our financial gifts. On behalf of the Giving Task Force and your Church Board, I invite you to submit your Commitment to Give and your Commitment to Serve by the end of October. If it is your first time, I promise it is not nearly as scary as Halloween. Your commitments are confidential and the promises you make are for yourself and your offering is to God.
     Every relationship you form matters. Every act of service you offer matters. Every financial gift you share matters. I am so glad you are a part of the tapestry of First Christian’s presence in the world! What will you weave?