A Minister's Message – Moments and Seasons of Joy

CONTACT: Rev. Dr. John Regan jregan@fccedmond.org
We mark our lives by calendars, seasons, and rituals. May might be the busiest and most festive month in our annual calendars. For graduating seniors and their families it is a blur of events that sometimes masks the joy, fear, and excitement of completing high school and facing the unknowns of becoming more adult! This coming Sunday we will continue our Joy & the Good Life sermon series as we celebrate the joyful milestone moment our graduating seniors and honor them with a cookie reception. Come share the joy with our families on this great milestone! Then on Sunday, May 12, families will gather around our mothers, both near and far, to express our existential thanks for their pre-natal and post-natal care that make us all human!

The rituals we plan and practice in summer are designed to renew our minds, bodies, and spirits. Everything seems easier in summer. The sun is our constant companion in these days often up before we are, and we are often worn out before it disappears in the west for the night. I like summer because there is more adventure in our lives and our ministries. Vacation Bible School invites us to welcome children and play with children because “to such belong the Kingdom of God.” Adults get to do things in public that are fun and silly that they would not ordinarily be permitted to do. Mission trips lead young people into week-long rigorous experiences. In alien places they have revelatory experiences about life, meaning, and identity.

May the blessings and exhaustion of summer rejuvenate your heart, mind, and spirit. Drink in the sun, turn the pages of those books you have been wanting to read, enjoy those vital conversations that only happen on long car trips, and find places where there are no computer screens and where the silence of the world suddenly surprises you. The spiritual life centers on the discipline of awareness. Summer is the time to repair the soul. May you find joy throughout these days.