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Knowing that my own kids have a strong foundation strengthens my relationship with God.

I (Shannon) attended East Dallas Christian Church in Dallas where Rev. Chris Shorow was pastor for several years. When I moved back to Oklahoma and met Bill, we decided to get married in Edmond. We invited Chris and Beth to our wedding, not knowing that Chris was interviewing that same weekend to become the pastor at FCC Edmond! After settling in as newlyweds, we started to think about a church home just as the Shorow's were beginning their tenure here. The timing seemed perfect for us to begin our life at FCC as well!

First Christian means home. I grew up in the Disciples church and have always loved the warm, welcoming, open-minded attitude of Disciples. We wanted to raise our family in this place, where everyone supports each other in both mutual and individual endeavors.

My relationship with God has grown deeper at First Christian through my work with the kids. I've taught in Sunday School, Unite classes, and Vacation Bible School. I feel closer to God when I see how the kids are "getting it." Seeing God's teachings come to life in their eyes makes me so thankful and feel even more connected to my faith. Knowing that my own kids have a strong foundation and support system further strengthens my relationship with God as well.

I've encountered Christ many times and places at First Christian but one instance that comes to mind is my oldest daughter's baptism. She was born into this church, and thus has had many opportunities to participate in worship and express her beliefs, but the baptism day was different. Watching the children be baptized into our church family and confess their faith was a time I felt Christ in that very room. Hearing the parents share their wisdom, pride, and congratulations was a powerful time I'll never forget. I have since had the opportunity to share that special moment with my middle daughter this year, and look forward to experiencing it with our youngest a little down the road.