Written by Jennifer Humphrey

Grant, Lord, that my children may learn to ‘live a life of love,’ through the Spirit who dwells in them” (Ephesians 5:2; Galatians 5:22)

Love is such an over-used word, isn’t it? It’s trite and annoying. It’s thrown around all the time carelessly. It’s in movies, books, television shows, magazines, ads…it’s everywhere. It’s rendered practically meaningless.

Or so I thought… before I had kids.

Upon having kids (two teen boys now, actually), I found the word “love” means a great deal more than I could truly fathom or put into words. Love, where your kids, grandkids, step kids, etc., are concerned, is suddenly over-flowing, boundless, endless, larger-than-life, unfathomable, indescribable… it’s just MORE. All of a sudden, you have a love without end…amen. That describes our love for our children. Now imagine God and his love for his children. It’s the same. He loves us more than we love our children. He loves our children more than we love our children. Crazy to think about, right?

So we are taught to live like Christ – which in this devotional – means to love others like Christ loves others. To “live a life of love,” we must put love out into the world. We must be carriers and givers of love, not just seekers and takers. It is sometimes more difficult to give love. It may depend on where your heart lives at this moment. But if you find yourself struggling to give love, pause a moment and pray for God to send his love to you. Pray for the Spirit to fill in the gaps and for you to feel filled up. Then, go out and share!

As my children grow up (don’t blink, it happens fast!), I want them to feel loved. I want them to know what love is. I want them to recognize others who give love and to seek out those people. I want them to give love to others, willingly and generously. I want them to know, to feel, and to speak of God’s love. I want ever so badly for them to find love and to build a family of love.

We are called to follow God’s example and love others. Love many; love all; just love.

Dear Lord, today I pray for these things… I pray for my children. I pray for your children. I pray for all children. I pray for them to learn what love is and what it feels like. I pray for them to be “filled up with Your love.” And I pray for them to live a life of love through the Spirit who dwells in them. Amen.

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