Living A Life That Matters - New Series & Book Study

CONTACT: Rev. Dr. John Regan or 405.341.3544

On Sunday, September 15 we will begin our next sermon series “Weaving A Life That Matters” that draws on wisdom from a book with a similar name, Living A Life That Matters, written by Rabbi Harold Kushner. Kushner describes the human challenge of living in two different worlds. The first world is the day-to-day world we know best. It is the ordinary world of getting up in the morning, going to school, going to work, and making a living. This is the world that picks winners and losers, makes judgments about beauty and ugliness, and champions the winners of competition. The second world is the world of faith, the world of the spirit. Kushner who is now 84 years old, explores what it means to live in both of these worlds and how we might fashion lives that matter. There are things we need – relationships, connections, faith, work to do for causes beyond ourselves, and ways to make a difference. 

Which area of your life needs the most attention? I hope you’ll be with us in worship for the full series, September 15 through October 6. Following the sermon series, we will offer a six-week course to read and discuss this book. The conversation begins Wednesday, October 9 @ 6:30 pm. We can provide you with a book, or you may purchase one yourself if you prefer. If you are interested in attending or learning more, please contact John Regan (above).