Let’s Finish 2019 Strong, Together!

CONTACT: Rev. Dr. John Regan jregan@fccedmond.org 405.341.3544
“Together two can accomplish more than twice as much as one, for the results can be much better...” - Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

What an incredible year 2018 has been! We are a church that celebrates learning and growing together, and we respond generously where we see needs. This year we’ve sent students and adults to help restore communities ravaged by hurricanes in South Texas, our Sunday School classes and small groups have served meals and worshipped with people who live without shelter through Church Under the Bridge, college students have gathered to support one another on their journey and created a Thanksgiving meal they shared with homeless people, and thousands of dollars have been given to respond to the immediate needs at Ida Freeman Elementary where we’ve launched a new partnership to transform the lives of students in need.

Even though we have accomplished much together this past year, there is still much to be done as we continue pressing on in our call to raise up the next generation of thoughtful and generous Christians who serve our community together.

To that end, I want to invite you to help us finish the year strong and prepare for an even better 2019. While I cannot say that I understand all the rules of the new tax laws, I do know that your church needs your help to finish the year in good fiscal shape. In September Brenda Peterson, our Board Moderator alerted the congregation that we were significantly behind. We are happy to report we have made up substantial ground! With a reduction in expenses and additional gifts received for our general operations, we are hopeful to end the year strong and receive commitments to begin the 2019 fiscal year in good shape.

Here’s how you can help:
-  Catch up on your 2018 pledge if you are behind or will miss some worship services in December.
-  Make a commitment to give for 2019 even if you have never tried it before in the past.
-  Make an additional designated gift to a ministry that you are passionate about.
-  Consult with your accountant or tax advisor to see if there are new ways to contribute from retirement accounts that are good for you and great for your church.
-  Learn more about the First Christian Church Endowment and how easy it is to include the church in your estate planning.

You can make a donation by giving in our Sunday offerings, mailing a check to the church office, or following the Givelify link (G) found in the top right corner of our website. (Please note: in order for these gifts to be tax deductible they must be postmarked and/or given before December 31, 2018.

I want you to remember that your gifts to First Christian fund ministries that change lives. Thank you for being a part of the First Christian family and helping us accomplish the vision God has given us. Our gifts, combined together, will allow us to continue this important work in 2019!