It Happened Again - Terry Earnheart

It happened again; someone I least expected greeted me with, “There you are, my miracle girl! You are such an inspiration to me.” And I answer with my usual smile and hug. Ever since I recovered from a serious car accident, people I barely know approach me in stores, schools, parking lots and church with this greeting. Thank you for your continuing prayers but this is a roll I never expected to live.

We went to Manhattan, New York a couple of weeks ago to visit our kids. I always take my walking stick after falling several times on the unleveled city sidewalks. I grew up in big cities and I understand the dangers of falling, but after my wreck I find that I am unusually dizzy and prone to misstep. So with my handy stick at my side I attack the subways, streets and crowds of NYC with gusto. I also find friends in the strangers of NYC that assist me and want to visit with me. The conversations usually end with a hug and the statement that even with the frightful events in the world God is good and we are in His grace. This is so odd for a city girl to speak to strangers. I never would have made myself so vulnerable to strangers ten years ago. I certainly would NEVER actually hug a stranger! What has happened to me?

My promise to myself this Lenten season is to meditate 30 – 45 minutes a day. It is a difficult discipline, but I find it immensely energizing. After a few weeks I am beginning to reacquaint myself with the light force of our creator. God has blessed me with an unmeasurable well of love. I feel His presence all of the time. I know every breath I take is a result of His gift of life. Every nanosecond is a result of God’s mercy. I am filled with joy and great hope for the future.

His rod and His staff comfort me.

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