Exploring Faith Together – With 5th & 6th Graders

CONTACT: Jennifer Humphrey jhumphrey@fccedmond.org 405.341.3544
One of the core distinctives of First Christian Church is the way we help young people navigate their faith journey. Our community of faith supports parents as their children make the developmental transition to adolescence by offering what we call the “Pastors’ Class.” It is an intentional faith development experience to help children, parents, and the church family to celebrate this momentous milestone. The class is designed to help students better understand what it means to choose to follow the ways of Jesus, and teaches them about baptism, the symbolism of communion, and what it means to be both a disciple and a Disciple of Christ.

We know that middle school youth face daunting challenges and ask new questions. Who am I? Who will be my friend? Where will I find my place? The Pastors’ class is a safe and caring space to ask new questions about life and our faith that informs it. Through learning, sharing, and having some fun we hope to inspire our young people with very old and very contemporary ideas about God, Jesus, and the role that Scripture can play throughout their lives. We provide each member of the class with a youth mentor and an elder mentor who provide support and encouragement during their journey. Again, and again we affirm that faith is something we do together.

Pastors’ Class begins with an overnight retreat, followed by six Sunday morning sessions taught by our ordained staff. Students will have the opportunity to make a confession of faith, receive first communion, and be baptized at the end of the journey. It is fitting that this journey is taken during the season of Lent and Easter.

If your 5th grade student (or 6th Grader who has not experienced this course) is interested in being involved in the 2020 Pastors' Class, contact Jennifer (above). There is a Parent Information Meeting January 26, 2020 at 12:15pm.