"Elephants In The Room" Summer Sermon Series

CONTACT: Rev. Dr. Chris Shorow cshorow@fccedmond.org 405.341.3544 
In every life, in every home, in every church, there exist certain problems, certain realities that we don’t want to acknowledge. Those issues we try to ignore so maybe they will just go away. You know what I’m talking about. Those “elephants in the room”. To address some of these ignored topics we’ll be having a seven-week sermon series this summer and considering ways we can better respond to those “Elephants In The Room.” 

We’ll be looking at the things like addiction, prejudices, commitment, debt, abuse, mental health, and other complicated things in our lives. The series launches June 23 and concludes August 4. We’ll hear from four ministers during the series, including Rev. Cara Gilger who will join us Sunday, June 30 to give insights into “Praying When It’s Complicated.” Cara grew up here at FCC and is the daughter of our own Jackie Booher. She’ll be speaking during our Summer Sunday School that day as well and will share from the new book 99 Prayers: Prayers Your Church Needs (But Doesn’t Know It Yet).