Director’s Message


You may have heard about the recent change of terminology at Edmond Public Schools regarding "lockout" procedures.  To help with consistency and clarity, the Child Care Center aims to use the same terminology when communicating with staff and parents.  Previously the terms "lockdown" and "modified lockdown" were used and had caused confusion especially when mistakenly used interchangeably. To solve this problem, the district and Center are adopting the terms “Lockout” and “Lockdown.”

Placing the Center in “Lockout,” it means there is something going on outside of the building that requires awareness or caution. During a “Lockout,” children are ushered into the building if outside, all exterior doors are locked and no one is allowed in or out of the building. Regular activities continue and children are free to move about the building. A “Lockout” ends when emergency personnel informs us the threat has passed.

Reasons for declaring “Lockout” include:
Criminal activity such as a bank robbery near the school
An animal loose on the playground
Police pursuit of a suspect off site

“Lockdown” is declared when there is a threat to the children and staff inside the building. During a “Lockdown,” staff will move students to an area out of sight, turn off the lights, verify that doors are locked and keep students quiet. The goal is to remain safely behind a locked door until law enforcement can arrive to neutralize the potential threat and secure the building.

The Child Care Center's Christmas Program is Tuesday, December 17 at 6:30pm.  There is still time to purchase roses and raffle tickets for front row seating.  The only way to guarantee that your child receives a flower is to purchase in advance.  We will have limited quantities available the night of the performance.  Visit to learn more about the program and purchase your tickets.

There's still time to take an Angel from the tree and bless a family this Christmas!  Stop by the tree in the Center hall if you are able!  As a reminder, all gifts are due back with the Angel tag by Friday, December 13.

Bonnie Miller
Director, FCC Child Care Center 

Dates to Remember

•  December 11 - Final day to purchase raffle tickets or flowers
•  December 13 - Angel Tree gifts due with tags
•  December 17 - Christmas Program, 6:30pm in the Sanctuary
•  December 24 & 25 - Center Closed for Christmas
•  December 25-29 - EPS Closed, NO MDO


Parents and staff should request their new parking permit at the front office.  Old permits are expiring December 31.  Because this is a private lot, all vehicles without a valid parking permit are at risk of being towed.

Did you know… 

The child care center is in the process of installing new flooring and making other improvements to the center and playground.  This process will be going on all month but we are so grateful for the updating!

Classroom of the Month

The Classroom of the month for December is Ladybugs, which is led by Britney Rush, Alexis Mccoy  and Jordan High.  These special teachers are Rock Stars! They are dependable, flexible, patient and kind. They take on challenges confidently and always with a smile. These teachers are adored by the children and their parents. Each of them displays a team spirit attitude toward instruction and guidance! These teachers have also been known to help out other classrooms when needed, which makes a big difference when we are short staffed!  The Ladybugs class benefits greatly from Britney's creativity, Alexis' gentleness, and Jordan's humor.  We appreciate all of you!

Have A Very Happy Birthday!

Child Care Center Students:
Dec 2 - Carson M.
Dec 3 - Jocelyn L.
Dec 4 - Ashtyn M.
Dec 5 - Vivian K.
Dec 8 - Maggie C., River S., Ella F.
Dec 9 - Colin L.
Dec 12 - Griffin W., Khloe S.
Dec 14 - Ava J., Madeline M.
Dec 15 - Adalynn A., Lily D.
Dec 16 - Hazel M.
Dec 17 - Lily L.
Dec 18 - Lukas M.
Dec 23 - Emaline W.
Dec 24 - Hollyn S., Alia G.
Dec 26 - Kaya H.
Dec 27 - Sophie P., Caleb K.
Dec 29 - Mason R.

Child Care Center Staff:
Dec 7 - Jennalynn Peterman & Hannah Robinson
Dec 16 - Bryan Becker
Dec 20 - Alyssa Endicott
Dec 23 - Nicole Bevans

A Message from the Children's Ministry Director!

Advent is one of the most beautiful times of year!  At First Christian Church, we celebrate the Season of Advent with a special event every Sunday.  Last Sunday marked the beginning of Advent as the Youth and congregation joined to decorate the Sanctuary for Christmas.  This Sunday, December 8 we will have the Children's Christmas Musical (not to be confused with the Child Care Center Christmas Program).  The following Sunday, December 15 we welcome a 24 piece orchestra at our Christmas Cantata.  We also have a very special Children's Christmas Eve service where children are invited to participate in the retelling of the nativity story.

If you are looking for a place to celebrate Christmas all month long, I invite you to attend all of our heartwarming and inspiring Advent services.  To learn more, visit

Jennifer Humphrey
Children’s & Communications
O: 405.341.3544

Closing Thought…

“Let’s approach Christmas with an expectant hush, rather than a last-minute rush.”