Director’s Message

Each year First Christian Church honors Edmond Police Officers with a Luncheon to celebrate and recognize their dedicated service.  This year, the Police Luncheon will be held on Tuesday, February 19 from 11am-2pm.  This is a come and go event where Police officers attend at their convenience.  

The Child Care Center is excited to participate in this event by having children make cards to express gratitude to the officers.  We will also bring some of the students to the luncheon to meet the police officers, give them hugs and high fives.  

Mardi Lopez is currently updating CCC family contact information.  Having up-to-date information on file is a requirement of the state and helps us to communicate with parents.  If you have moved in the last 12 months, please email with your current address.

Bonnie Miller
Director, FCC Child Care Center

Dates to Remember

•  February 7 - Chick-fil-a Night, mention FCC Child Care Center and we receive 16% back
•  February 14 - Classroom Parties, see teacher for details
•  February 19 - Cane's Night, mention FCC Child Care Center and we receive 15% back


Parents of school-age students, the $100 activity fee for Summer Trips is due by May 24.  See Bonnie Miller for details or to make payment.  Also, with unpredictable winter weather, we ask that all students wear a coat each day.

Did you know… 

You can email your child's classroom teacher at any time!  Each classroom email address is the classroom name (ex.  For urgent or time sensitive needs, please contact office staff directly.  Teachers do not check email during times of care and instruction of their class.

Classroom of the Month

Puppies is our class for one and two year old children.  This class is led by an extraordinary team!  Marilyn Chatman is our lead teacher and she has been with the Center since May of 2018.  Her team also includes Sindy Juanes, who joined just in November of 2016, Katelyn Hinkle, who has been here since April of 2018 and Sonya Jefferson, with us since September of 2018.

FCC strives to reach the standards of the National Accreditation Commission (NAC) which help us to offer a superior experience for children and their parents. One of the NAC standards focuses on child directed art and inspiring creativity among children. The Puppies team has consistently created an environment that fosters this artistic and creative exploration for the children they lead. We are blessed to have such a dedicated group of women on our staff and as a part of our team.

Have A Very Happy Birthday!

Child Care Center Students:
Feb 5 - Jay D.
Feb 6 - Colin L.
Feb 8 - Oliver B., Elliott C.
Feb 9 - Adalynn W.
Feb 10 - Aleigha O., Cody R.
Feb 12 - Jett J.
Feb 13 - Nolan P.
Feb 14 - Alexandria H., Lily T.
Feb 15 - Luke T.
Feb 18 - Rixen T., Molly M., Noah James E.
Feb 19 - Matthew H.
Feb 20 - Eleanor T., Charlie K.
Feb 22 - Anna D.
Feb 23 - Nash M.
Feb 24 - Stephen S.
Feb 26 - Jolie P.

Child Care Center Staff:
Feb 5 – Daphni Jennings
Feb 6 – Gabriella Chitwood
Feb 24 – Rebekah Baker

A Message from the Children's Ministry Director!

About three years ago, the First Christian Church Children’s Ministry joined with the Child Care Center to implement an exciting way to approach faith formation with young children, ages 3 & 4. The program is called Children Worship & Wonder.  
This program utilizes an approach that recognizes children as spiritual beings with a desire to hear and learn about God. Children hear Bible stories in a way that allows them to enter into the stories and form responses out of their own life experiences.
We also use an engaging, sensory-motor style of storytelling with short praise songs & simple sign language, wooden figures, felt pieces and sand boxes called “Desert Boxes." The program provides a way for young children to learn the stories of God and to share them with others – on their own level.
On Thursday mornings, Ms. Karla, our storyteller, shares a story from the Bible with the Center children in the Children Worship & Wonder room. As the children already know… “it is a special place; a place where we go to hear stories about God and about Jesus; a  place where we walk slowly and we talk softly because someone might be talking to God and we don't want to disturb them”… Once the story is told, the children are invited to respond by working with art and craft materials to tell their own version of the story. This is called “work time” and they love it!
If you would like to learn more about Children Worship & Wonder, you are cordially invited to attend Sunday mornings at First Christian, at the 9 or 11am services, during the school year. All are welcome!

Jennifer Humphrey
Children’s & Communications
First Christian Church Edmond
Office: 405.341.3544

Closing Thought…

"Hugs can do great amounts of good, especially for children." Princess Diana