Director’s Message


You may have noticed that we have a library at the Child Care Center.  Parents are welcome to borrow books to read at home with children.  The library is located at the intersecting hallways of the Child Care Center.  If you would like to donate books to our library, you may do that also!

Several months ago the City of Edmond removed our reserved parking signs on First Street.  I am happy to announce that after some discussion and negotiating - thanks in part to parent feedback and support - the City has agreed to allow us to put up reserved parking signs for parents.  

Also, with Summer right around the corner, we are busy making plans for fun summer activities.  A schedule will be available from your child's teacher or the front office in the near future.

Bonnie Miller
Director, FCC Child Care Center

Dates to Remember

•  April 11 - Chick-fil-a Night, mention FCC Child Care Center and we receive 16%
•  April 16 - Cane's Night, mention FCC Child Care Center and we receive 15%
•  April 18 - Class Parties, see teacher for details
•  April 19 - Good Friday, EPS Closed, No MDO
•  April 22-26 - Week of the Young Child, watch for more info
•  April 25 - Taziki's Family Night, Mention FCC Child Care Center and we receive 20%
•  April 29 - Teacher Appreciation Week Begins, Watch for more info


Please bring sunscreen for your child!

Did you know… 

Picture retake day has moved to Friday, April 12.  You will receive proofs soon!

Classroom of the Month

Kids' Club is chosen for the April 2019 Classroom of the Month.  This classroom is led by Hannah Robinson, Brittany Rush, Alexus Arredondo and Shelby Noble.  All of these young ladies joined our staff in 2018.  Kids' Club was chosen this month because of the exceptional teamwork among the classroom leaders.  They are doing such a great job communicating with each other and with parents.  The leaders in this class are always prepared with activities and direction for the children.  When possible, they help other classrooms as needed!  Kids' Club leaders work well under pressure and overcome challenges with ease!  
You may have noticed Ms. Hannah's absence recently!  That's because she gave birth to a baby boy on March 15.  She and her husband named him Wells!  We look forward to welcoming Ms. Hannah and baby Wells this month!

Have A Very Happy Birthday!

Child Care Center Students:
Apr 1 – Reagan P., Piper A., Liam C.
Apr 2 – Chyanne M.
Apr 3 – Karson P.
Apr 4 – Brady G.
Apr 5 – Remy & Jonas M.
Apr 6 – Heath H.
Apr 7 – Hudson C.
Apr 8 – Maddox M., Gavin L.
Apr 11 – Kendalyn T.
Apr 12 – Mack W.
Apr 14 – Harper H.
Apr 15 – Olive L.
Apr 16 – Ramsey B.
Apr 18 – Joshua C.
Apr 19 – Miles M.
Apr 23 – Avery M.
Apr 25 – Eleanor M., Clay U.
Apr 26 – Kaylee M.
Apr 29 – Jason R., Kate R.

Child Care Center Staff:
Apr 8 – Josefina Ramos
Apr 11 – Kelisha Snoddy
Apr 17 – Emma Whittington
Apr 20 – Hannah Serjeant
Apr 22 – Ashleigh Farr

A Message from the Children's Ministry Director!

Easter is almost here! It's the time of Easter egg hunts, bunnies, baskets, candy, pretty family photos and pastel colors. This is a beautiful time of year for sure!

So do you remember key moments in your life that correspond to your own faith journey? This time of year, First Christian Church & Children's Ministries hosts a Pastors Class for 5th & 6th grade children who are really just beginning their faith journey. The class ends with an opportunity to declare their belief in Jesus and to be baptized if they so wish. It is a particularly touching time in our church.

Do you remember your baptism? Have you been baptized? Is it a "thing" in your faith journey like it is in the Christian faith? This time of year is a wonderful time to begin talking to your children about faith. You can open the doors to speaking about what you believe. Children are curious and open-minded, so it's a great time to begin sharing your thoughts on faith as a family.

For First Christian Church, this is a busy time of year and the staff kicks into "high gear." Numerous activities fill our calendar during this celebratory time. To learn about our Holy Week events, visit!

These are beautiful, touching events – ones we hope are filled with moments that will remind you of important milestones in your own faith journey. Please know that all are welcome to our events and to celebrate with us. We invite you and your family to any Sunday, all throughout the year - just know that Palm Sunday and Easter hold special meaning in the Christian faith and we want to share the good news of great joy with all!

Jennifer Humphrey
Children’s & Communications
First Christian Church Edmond
O: 405.341.3544

Closing Thought…

“Having somewhere to go is home. Having someone to love is family. And having both is a blessing.”