Change is Coming!

CONTACT: Rev. Mark Taylor 405.341.3544 EXT 102
Let’s be honest: change can be scary, but not always bad. Near the start of the year, we learned the platform on which our website is built would no longer be supported, and we would have to launch a new site on a new platform. This has not been the most convenient timing for such a change to happen, but it is a needed change.

We are excited to share that the new site is almost ready and will be easier than ever to understand the mission of the church and what makes First Christian Church of Edmond special. We have attempted to make it easy to access the items people are looking for the most on our website, added some additional resources, and removed clutter.

We will let you know when the site is 100% ready - it’s time to start getting excited for this positive change! Don’t worry: when the time comes, you won’t do anything different to access the site. Just go to as usual and the new version of our site will launch.