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  • Minister's Message

    CONTACT: Rev. Dr. John Regan 405.341.3544

    I know summer is almost here with the rise in daily temperatures, the increase in gas prices, and the growing number of conversations about summer vacations! We also have some changes in staff leadership that I want to highlight to the Church family.

    We have received the resignation of our Child Care Center Director, Jeremy Miller. After fifteen, faithful years, in a variety of positions at our Center, Jeremy is making a career change and will be working in the medical device field with the LivaNova company. We are saddened by his departure, but we are also so grateful for his long and faithful tenure. Jeremy has loved our children, our families, and our staff. Thank You, Jeremy! The Personnel Committee and the Child Care Center Committee are now working on this transition.

    We also have experienced a change on the congregational administrative staff. Many of you have probably noticed that Heather Portillio, our Director of Ministry Support, has moved from a full-time position to part-time one, working Tuesdays and Thursdays. We are still in the process of reassigning some of her responsibilities. We are grateful that Heather is able and willing to continue on a part-time basis. The Personnel Committee will also be reviewing options to cover some of these responsibilities in the coming months.

    Finally, I want to alert you that I will be out of the office May 15 through June 16, on a month long sabbatical. During part of this sabbatical, I will be traveling to New Mexico to read, rest, hike, bike ride and eat an embarrassing amount of New Mexican food. My sabbatical design is to develop some skills and fluency in areas that most ministers do not receive in the traditional seminary educational track. I will be reading a number of books in church administration and accounting that relate to the day to day responsibilities I have as your Executive Minister. While I am away from the office if you have questions or issues, contact Iris Muno Jordan at

    I hope you will join me and keep your pledge current during the summer months. I do not rely on my memory, but Shelley and I have our financial gifts set up electronically. If you have not tried it, I encourage you to sign up on our webpage (the “G” at the top of our webpage) or contact Karla Mahan, our Business Administrator, and give it a try this summer. Grace and Peace.

  • Come & Go Celebration for Rev. Dr. Chris Shorow

    CONTACT: Beth Shorow 405.513.0829

    Join us on Sunday, May 20, for a come & go reception to celebrate Rev. Dr. Chris Shorow receiving his Doctorate of Ministry from Phillips Theological Seminary. The reception is at 12pm immediately following the 11am worship. Chris graduated in December of 2017 and will receive his diploma at the graduation ceremonies on Saturday, May 19. Please feel free to write Chris a congratulatory card and drop it in the basket at the reception in the rotunda.

  • Unified Worship on Sunday, May 27

    CONTACT: 405.341.3544

    On Sunday, May 27, there will be a Combined Sunday School at 9:30am (for those classes that are wanting to meet) and a Unified Worship Service at 10:45am in the Sanctuary. Youth and Children’s Sunday school will meet at 9:30am as well. There is no Children Worship & Wonder – CW&W will return in August.

    Memorial Day is Monday, May 28, and the Church offices and Child Care Center will be closed.

  • Congratulations College Graduates!

    CONTACT: Jennifer Humphrey 405.341.3544

    Hayden Fuller - daughter of Bennett & Lori Fuller - General Dentistry Degree - OU Dental School and South Carolina Dental School

    Ashley Deanna Hill - granddaughter of Willa Hill - Bachelor of Arts: Mathematics Education - University of Houston-Clear Lake

    Jordan Lindley - son of Todd & Sarah Lindley - Bachelor of Arts: Songwriting; Minor: Music Business - Belmont University

    Katelyn Ogle - granddaughter of Hal & Merna Burns - Bachelor of Arts: Mass Communication - University of Central Oklahoma

    Katy Walters - daughter of Mark & Laura Walters; granddaughter of Paul & Carlita Walters - Bachelor of Science: Political Science; Bachelor of Arts: Women and Gender Studies - Texas A&M University

  • Summer Sunday School – Time to Read!

    CONTACT: Rev. Dr. Chris Shorow 405.341.3544

    I love books, so I was intrigued to see that PBS is doing an eight-part series celebrating books and compiling a list of the 100 best-loved novels in the United States. At the culmination of the series, they will announce the winner of America’s best-loved book as voted on by viewers. The list is available on-line and includes many familiar and great books. I must admit there were 2 or 3 books on the list that I thought were absolutely awful that were included, but it just goes to show how each of us have our own likes and dislikes.

    Coincidentally, not knowing that PBS was doing this series, we had scheduled a summer reading series here at the church. Starting June 17 and ending on July 15, we will be looking at 5 books from classic literature. Although they are not specifically books of faith, they all deal with important issues of faith—life, death, forgiveness, sin, judgment, etc. The books we have selected (we may take a vote on future lists we do) are: To Kill a Mockingbird, Les Miserables, All Quiet on the Western Front, The Crucible and Candide. All are classic pieces of literature and each is a unique work—from an epic novel to a play to a satirical piece.

    I would invite you to pick at least one book and read (or reread) it and come prepared for an in-depth look at the book. During this series, we will be offering a summer Sunday school hour where we have invited a visiting English teacher to come and lead a discussion of the book. Reading the book beforehand will not be a requirement, but you will have more fun if you have recently read the book.

    Now I realize that there are movie versions of each of these books (with the exception of Candide), but I would like for you to do the reading instead. Appreciating the literary art of these classic works is one of the benefits of this study. It is the same way that we appreciate the Bible—there is no substitute for reading it. In that vein, we will spend the final two weeks, July 22 and 29, looking at the Bible, the ultimate classic work. We will look at how we got our Bible and the different books that are included in it.

    So this summer is a good time to brush up on some classics. You can watch the PBS series and come to church and deal with some classic human themes of existence. Here is the lineup:

    June 17—To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
    June 24—Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
    July 1—All Quiet on the Western Front—Erich Maria Remarque
    July 8—The Crucible—Arthur Miller
    July 15—Candide—Voltaire
    July 22—The Bible—Its Origins
    July 29—The Bible---What is Included?

  • Be Weather Aware!

    CONTACT: Karla Mahan, 405.341.3544

    It is the spring season of Oklahoma weather, which means being "weather aware." First Christian Church has identified specific areas of the church as “Tornado Safe Spots" - a safe place to take shelter during the threat of a tornado.

    A “Tornado Safe Spot” icon easily identifies safe spots. When taking cover from a tornado, please make every effort to seek an area that is away from glass and the possibility of flying debris. If possible, get low to the ground, covering your head and face. In the event of a tornado, please take shelter in the church basement, the restrooms in the Fellowship Hall, restrooms by the Welcome Desk or restrooms in the gym. Parents, please note if children are participating in an activity, their leaders will take them to the basement until the threat of danger has passed.

  • Get Emergency Weather Notices

    CONTACT: Jennifer Humphrey 405.341.3544

    In the event bad weather negatively affects a scheduled church service or the church offices close due to bad weather, First Christian has the ability to send an emergency text message to your mobile phone, via the hub. If you would like to receive emergency/inclement weather notifications, set your personal communication settings on your hub profile to include your mobile phone number and include “All Church Communications” and “FCC Church Communications.”

    Emergency/Inclement Weather Notices may also be sent to your hub listed email address and will be updated on our Facebook Page – First Christian Church of Edmond. Like our page to stay up-to-date!

  • Use Givelify to Give!

    CONTACT: Rev. Micah James 405.341.3544

    Givelify is First Christian Church’s mobile platform for giving. Givelify provides you a simple way of giving! To use this new giving platform, simply follow these instructions:

    Download the Givelify app from your App Store or Google Play (Iphone/Android).
    Sign up for your account – Use Facebook or create an account using your email.
    Enter the financial information you would like to use to make your gifts.
    That’s it! It will save your information for easy use the next time you want to give!

    At the top of the FCC website, you will see the “G” link to Givelify. You can also get to Givelify that way. As before, ALL gifts made online will be recorded on your giving statement. You can find the most current version of your statement anytime on the Hub under your profile. Note: This tool accepts credit and debit cards. If you would like to set up an ACH (bank draft), please contact Karla Mahan, our Business Administrator, and she can help you do this through a service with our Bank.

  • Dates to Remember

    May 10 Child Care Center - Muffins with Moms, 4pm, Fellowship Hall
    May 13 Mother’s Day
    May 14, 16, 21 & 23 Tai Chi, 10am, Room 201
    May 15 & 22 Tai Chi, 6:30pm, Gym
    May 17 Lunch Bunch, Games/Fellowship 10am, Lunch served at 11:30am, Room 131
    May 20 Reception for Rev. Dr. Chris Shorow, 12pm, Rotunda
    May 27 Unified Worship Service, 10:45am, Sanctuary
    May 28 Memorial Day, Church Offices and Child Care Center Closed
    June 4-7 – Vacation Bible School, 6 – 8pm

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Worship News

  • On the Worship Schedule

    Worship at First Christian – Sundays at 8:15, 9 & 11am

    May 13, 2018 - Mother’s Day – Minister: Rev. Dr. Chris Shorow; Scripture: Exodus 13:3-10; Children Worship & Wonder: Ascension

    May 20, 2018 – Pentecost – Minister: Rev. Dr. Chris Shorow; Scripture: Exodus 16:4-8; Children Worship & Wonder: Pentecost

    May 27, 2018 – Unified Service: 10:45am – Minister: Rev. Dr. Chris Shorow; Scripture: Psalm 90:1-8; There will be no Children Worship & Wonder; Children are welcome in the Sanctuary during worship.

  • Watch and Listen to Sermons Online

    Watch and Listen to Sermons Online
    Watch and listen to sermons from our worship services anytime! To watch live streaming of our services, follow the link at To listen, visit our Sermons page at Tell your friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers about First Christian Church, point them to our website, and encourage them to watch and listen online!

    Need Wifi?  Be our guest! Public wifi access is available at First Christian Church. Use password “fccedmond”.

    “Like” our Facebook page - First Christian Church of Edmond - and stay up-to-date on all the latest events!

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Serve News

  • Outreach Ministry Spotlight – The Hope Center

    CONTACT: Geri Moffatt 405.650.4970

    Through your generosity, First Christian Church gives to Outreach Partners throughout our community and beyond. A goal of this committee is to provide information about some of these ministries.

    This month, we would like to highlight The Hope Center. This organization gives hope to those in need. It has been providing assistance to members of the Edmond Community since 1984. The name stands for Helping Our People in Emergencies. Its mission is to meet the basic needs of the people in our community who are having personal emergencies or crises. The combined support of churches, businesses, and individuals in the community gives The Hope Center the resources to provide food, clothing, and utility assistance from a single community agency. Find out more at

  • Security Team Needs You!

    CONTACT: Stan Steele 405.757.5539
    The Security Team is looking for a few good people! This team works on a rotational basis throughout the year and supports the church by being present during church activities. Responsibilities include unlocking and opening doors and classrooms, locking up at the conclusion of events, walking through the church in one of two different areas and even greeting and directing people as they come in! The rotation traditionally runs on Sunday mornings and on Monday and Wednesday evenings - with some special events on Saturdays. The commitment is usually 1-2 times per quarter.

    This position is perfect for anyone who wants to serve and still be present in church activities! If you would like to serve your faith community in this way, contact Stan (above).

  • Come Serve - Hospitality Ministry Needs You!

    CONTACT: Sherrye VanOsdol 405.850.7286
    As we continue to offer Radical Hospitality at First Christian, we realize that we need more members welcoming attendees as they enter our building for worship. As a Door Greeter, there are three areas of need - the Fellowship Hall, the West Hall and the Rotunda entrance. Volunteers are asked to take one Sunday a month, and a specific time of 8:45, 9:45, or 10:45am (Volunteers are asked to be at the entrance 15 minutes before worship begins and stay 5 minutes after worship starts.)

    We also need Welcome Desk Greeters to answer the phone and direct any visitors to places they request. This also requires the commitment of one Sunday a month for a one hour time frame (Times available are: 9-10am, 10-11am and 11am-12pm. To serve with FCC's Hospitality Ministry, contact Sherrye (above).

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Children's News

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Student Ministries News

  • The FCC Youth Group Thanks You!

    CONTACT: Rev. Mark Taylor 405.341.3544

    Thank you for supporting the Youth Garage & Bake Sale! This year we raised $3,665.06 toward Youth missions and activities!

  • Student Ministries Calendar of Events

    CONTACT: Rev. Mark Taylor 405.341.3544

    Join us each Sunday morning at 10am in the Family Life Center for breakfast, announcements and Sunday School classes and each Wednesday night for UNITE! 

    Summer Event Schedule – check it out at
    May 12 – EPS Graduations
    May 25 – EPS Last Day of School
    May 27-June 2 – International Affairs Seminar
    June 10-16 – High School Mission Trip
    July 15-21 – Middle School Mission Trip
    August 19 – Fall Kickoff

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Care News

  • A Message from the Faith Community Nurse

    CONTACT: Donna Clark (405) 413-1954

    What does a homeless face look like? It’s the face of a mother, a father, a son or a daughter. It’s the face of stress or hunger.

    Homelessness affects children and families as well as individuals. They may be chronically homeless or newly affected by the war, domestic abuse, death of a family member, substance abuse, or mental illness. Some may be working but do not have enough money to afford a place to call home. They need a place to put their head at night, a good meal, a place to shower, a job and a sense of worthiness.

    Homelessness sometimes separates families. Many shelters have rules about who can stay depending on their age or whether they are male or female. Some children may have to go to relatives homes or to foster care. About 30% of children could be returned to their families if the parents had housing.

    Jesus was one of the homeless. He was born in a stable and his crib was a trough for the animals. He was a homeless baby with parents escaping the murderous intentions of King Herod seeking asylum in Egypt. He had a home growing up in Nazareth but again became homeless after he was baptized and began his ministry. He lived out in the open and did not always have a place to lay his head. He traveled as a brother and friend of all homeless people, refugees and asylum seekers. In the end he died on a cross, with no home and no possessions.

    Jesus fed the hungry, healed the sick and wounded, and befriended the beggars and the prisoners. He reminded us to care for the widows, orphans and other people in distress. We should strive to be like Jesus!

    “If among you, one of your brothers should become poor, in any of your towns within your land that the LORD your God is giving you, you shall not harden your heart or shut your hand against your poor brother, but you shall open your hand to him and lend him sufficient for his need, whatever it may be." James 2:15-16

  • In Our Prayers This Week

    THOSE IN NEED OF PRAYER Bill & Connie LaRue, John & Dot Hammond, Ed Mary Walker, Lorene Wilkinson, Ann Cather, Jo Jackson, Gary Briney, Tom Cowling

    OUR SYMPATHY AND PRAYERS TO Rob & Shelley Ryland in the passing of Shelley’s mother, Donna Warnock, on April 27 AND TO Charles & Linda Weddle in the passing of Linda’s son, Bradley Lowder, on April 27. A service was held on May 4 at FCC-Edmond AND TO The Family of John Hackney who passed away on May 6. Services are scheduled for Friday, May 11, at 11am at FCC-Edmond.

    WE WELCOME NEW MEMBERS Jerry & Sylvia Sautter who joined on April 29.

  • Happy Birthday FCC Friends!

    5/13 Cara Cummins, Brian Huffer  5/14 Doyle Phillips, Lynn Roach  5/15 Hannah Miller  5/16 Peter Duller  5/17 Loretta Hager, Linda McFall  5/18 Molly Larrison, Lauren Love, Shane McGrew, Amy Peters  5/19 Jenny Jewell, Marcia Tunison  5/20 Chelsea Portillo, John Privette, Sopukro Tienabeso  5/21 Ramey Brinkman, Bob Grant, Gary Orendorff  5/22 Joshua Anthony, Todd Anthony, Eli Channel, Greysen Ernst, Todd Lindley, Mary Ann Tipton  5/23 Cheryl Gibson, Kylie Hunt, Michael McGrew, Sheri Palmer  5/24 Robert Coleman, Shannon Medley, Kiefer Mullins, Bill Smith  5/25 Ann Graham, Beth Shorow, Jackson Simms  5/26 Tekenari Tienabeso  5/27 Elizabeth Bare, Hattie Baugh, Allie Hannah, Blake Morton, David Roberts

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