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  • A Minister's Message – Moments and Seasons of Joy

    CONTACT: Rev. Dr. John Regan
    We mark our lives by calendars, seasons, and rituals. May might be the busiest and most festive month in our annual calendars. For graduating seniors and their families it is a blur of events that sometimes masks the joy, fear, and excitement of completing high school and facing the unknowns of becoming more adult! This coming Sunday we will continue our Joy & the Good Life sermon series as we celebrate the joyful milestone moment our graduating seniors and honor them with a cookie reception. Come share the joy with our families on this great milestone! Then on Sunday, May 12, families will gather around our mothers, both near and far, to express our existential thanks for their pre-natal and post-natal care that make us all human!

    The rituals we plan and practice in summer are designed to renew our minds, bodies, and spirits. Everything seems easier in summer. The sun is our constant companion in these days often up before we are, and we are often worn out before it disappears in the west for the night. I like summer because there is more adventure in our lives and our ministries. Vacation Bible School invites us to welcome children and play with children because “to such belong the Kingdom of God.” Adults get to do things in public that are fun and silly that they would not ordinarily be permitted to do. Mission trips lead young people into week-long rigorous experiences. In alien places they have revelatory experiences about life, meaning, and identity.

    May the blessings and exhaustion of summer rejuvenate your heart, mind, and spirit. Drink in the sun, turn the pages of those books you have been wanting to read, enjoy those vital conversations that only happen on long car trips, and find places where there are no computer screens and where the silence of the world suddenly surprises you. The spiritual life centers on the discipline of awareness. Summer is the time to repair the soul. May you find joy throughout these days.

  • Don’t Miss Our NEXT 90 Visioning Event – This Sunday, May 5!

    CONTACT: Rev. Dr. John Regan 405.341.3544 
    It’s time for our spring NEXT 90 vision event this Sunday morning, May 5 at 10am in Fellowship Hall. We’ll hear from leaders who are planning our Here For Good campaign, the projects we hope to accomplish, and why they are needed. We’ll also share updates about our vision for what comes next in our emerging partnership with Ida Freeman Elementary. We’ve got several ways YOU can be involved in the next three months, including a week-long summer camp and a book drive to send students off for the summer with their own new book! Don’t miss NEXT 90!

  • We Are Here For Good!

    CONTACT: Don Wiechmann, Board Moderator 405.834.8265
    In Psalm 132, God says to the people, “This will always be my home; this is what I want, and I’m here for good.” Here permanently, and here for the benefit of all people. At First Christian, we want to tell that same story to our community because we are a church that is Here for Good!

    We've launched a new capital campaign we are calling Here for Good. We hope to raise $600,000 to fund some projects that will help us put our best face forward as we seek to welcome new people into our community of faith. These will also help us better welcome our community partners with whom we share our spaces. The Here For Good campaign picks up where our Moving Forward drive leaves off, and will also allow us to continue making our construction note payment for the last capital improvements we made including our parking lot, playground, and classroom upgrades.

    To read more about the Here For Good proposed projects, the reasons behind them, or to make your pledge now, visit this page on our website.

    To hear more about the Here For Good initiatives, join us Sunday, May 5 for NEXT 90 at 10am in the Fellowship Hall.

  • Sharing the Good News Through Our Easter Offering

    CONTACT: Rev. Dr. Chris Shorow 405.341.3544 
    How do we hold onto the good news of resurrection along with all the human suffering we see in the news? We don’t have easy answers, but as Christians, we know that when we respond to needs we are living the Good News of Easter resurrection. In each place where disaster strikes or thirst exists, we hear the invitation to respond. On Easter Sunday, and as Easter People, we are called to embody a resurrected Christ and bring hope to those who suffer.

    Good News! Through our 2019 Easter Offering we have raised $8,711 for Disciples4Water and $1,691 for Week of Compassion. Our offering will be received through mid-May. If you would like to donate just follow this link

    God of Good News, we give thanks for the invitation to respond wherever suffering exists as people who know the good news is ours to share! Amen

  • Here For Good T-Shirts On Sale Now!

    CONTACT: Shelley Regan 405.414.3544
    Our “Here For Good” campaign is more than just a capital campaign. It’s a statement about who we are as First Christian. People who are here to do the good God calls us to do together! You can show the world we are Here For Good by ordering and wearing a new FCC t-shirt with the Here For Good logo on the front. Shirts are just $10 and available in red, purple, or orange! Designs are on display now in the rotunda. Swing by the t-shirt table during NEXT90 vision event Sunday morning and place your order. Shirts arrive in time for Mother’s Day.

  • Congratulations College Graduates!

    CONTACT: Jennifer Humphrey 405.341.3544

    Slater Fondrenson of Thomas & Tonya Fondren – Bachelor of Architecture in Construction Science; Minor in Business – University of Oklahoma
    Mitch Hollimanson of Karl & Julie Holiman - Juris Doctorate Degree - University of Oklahoma, College of Law
    Leah Kroegergranddaughter of Linda Burrows – Masters of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology – South Dakota State University
    Jessica Kuwitskygranddaughter of Linda Dunlap – Doctorate in Physical Therapy – University of Oklahoma
    Jennifer Moffettgranddaughter of Linda Dunlap – Masters Degree – North Texas State University

    Do You Have a College Graduate? Celebrating a College Graduate soon? We would love to know! Please submit your college graduate's name, school and degree to or write it on your connection form during worship. We will be listing college grads in the next newsletter so our whole church family can celebrate with them!

  • Dates to Remember

    Tai Chi – Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10am in FHN or Hallway by Sanctuary
    Tai Chi & Yoga – Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30pm in Sanctuary

    May 2 & 16, June 6 – Lunch Bunch, 10am games, lunch served at 11:30am in Room 131
    May 5 & 19 – Holy Yoga, 3pm in Sanctuary
    May 12 – Mother’s Day
    May 12 & 26 – Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group, 2pm in Room 130
    May 19 – Board Meeting, 12:15pm in Room 116 – All are invited to attend.
    May 23 - Last Day of School for Edmond Public Schools
    May 26 – Life After Loss, 4:30pm in Room 130
    May 28 – Memorial Day, Church Offices and Child Care Center Closed
    June 1 – Youth Garage Sale, 9am-2pm in Gym
    June 3-6 – Vacation Bible School, 6-8pm

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Worship News

  • On the Worship Schedule

    Worship at First Christian – Sundays at 8:15, 9 & 11am

    May 5, 2019 - Milestone Sunday - Minister: Rev. Mark Taylor; Scripture: Deuteronomy 6:4-9; Children Worship & Wonder: The Good Shepherd & the Wolf
    May 12, 2019 - Mother’s Day - Minister: Rev. Dr. Chris Shorow; Scripture: 1 Timothy 6:17-19; Children Worship & Wonder: The Good Shepherd & Lord’s Supper II
    May 19, 2019 - Minister: Rev. Mark Taylor; Scripture: Exodus 13:21-22; Children Worship & Wonder: Ascension
    May 26, 2019 - Minister: Rev. Dr. Chris Shorow; Scripture: Isaiah 65:17-20; Children Worship & Wonder will resume in August
    June 2, 2019 - Minister: Rev. Dr. Chris Shorow; Scripture: 2 Peter 1:3; Children Worship & Wonder will resume in August
    June 9, 2019 - Pentecost Sunday - Minister: Rev. Dr. Chris Shorow; Scripture: Acts 2:1-13; Children Worship & Wonder will resume in August

  • Watch and Listen to Sermons Online

    Watch and listen to sermons from our worship services anytime! To watch live streaming of our services, follow the link at To listen, visit our Sermons page at Tell your friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers about First Christian Church, point them to our website, and encourage them to watch and listen online!  
    Need Wifi? Be our guest! Public wifi access is available at First Christian Church. Use password "fccedmond".  
    "Like" our Facebook page - First Christian Church of Edmond - and stay up-to-date on all the latest events!

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Serve News

  • Give A Book – Inspire A Child!

    CONTACT: Rev. Dr. Chris Shorow 405.341.3544 
    It's about that time where students put down their textbooks--and too often, don't pick up another book until summer is over. Studies show that students who do not read over the summer experience a decrease in reading abilities. Bridging the gap of this summer loss begins with getting books in the hands of children.

    We would love to help the educators at Ida Freeman send all 490 of their students off for summer with books in hand! If you would like to help ensure that every child at Ida Freeman receives the end-of-school gift of a new book, you can make a donation on Sunday at NEXT 90 visioning event or through this online form.

    The children will receive their book the last week of school, and a fun bookmark from FCC that has a list of inspiring places and things to read! Just like our Christmas book drive, we’ll be ordering the books teachers have selected by grade level. All you have to do is donate $5 per book!

  • Providing Summer STEAM for Ida Freeman Students!

    CONTACT: Rev. Dr. John Regan 405.341.3544 
    For many children in Edmond, summer means camp, trips, visits to museums, the library, parks, and a variety of enriching activities – either with families or as part of a summer learning program. But for others, when schools close for the summer, safe and enriching learning environments are out of reach.

    In consultation with Ida Freeman principal Nicole Marler and through collaboration with educators in our congregation, we are designing a pilot program week-long summer camp. “Jaguar STEAM Camp” is for Ida Freeman Elementary students who are entering 5th-grade next fall. We will host the camp here at FCC the week of July 8-12 from 8:30am to 3pm.

    “Jaguar STEAM Camp” will help children catch up on some of the learning they may have lost during the first month of summer, promote readiness for their next steps in learning, help them launch into 5th grade, and give them the inspiration to continue learning during the last weeks of summer before returning to the classroom.

    -  It’s FUN! Children will enjoy art, movement, music, field trips and more!
    -  It’s LEARNING! Children will sharpen math, reading, writing, and creative thinking skills needed to succeed in 5th grade and beyond!
    -  Siomara Davis (5th grade teacher from Ida Freeman), two UCO interns from the Education Department, and educators and volunteers from FCC will lead the children in activities each day.
    -  We need LOTS of volunteers to help as group leaders, junior leaders, crafts, music, snacks, breakfast, lunch, transportation and more!
    -  If you are interested in helping children at a fun week at FCC, join us Sunday, May 5 at NEXT 90 visioning event where we’ll have volunteer and donation sign-ups. Contact Rev. Dr. John Regan to learn more.

  • small things|GREAT LOVE: Fostering Love for the Foster Community

    CONTACT: Erin Robertson 405.471.9386
    Cut it Forward is a non-profit organization providing culturally specific hair and skin care resources for foster and adopted youth of color, and their caregivers. Many youth of color enter foster and adoptive systems with their culturally specific, ethnic hair and skin care needs going unmet and misunderstood. Not only is this reality detrimental to their physical and mental health, self-image, and confidence, but these realities can create barriers to cultural bonding, self-care, and more. We believe that every child entering foster or adoptive care, and every caregiver opening up their home, should have access to culturally specific support so youth’s hair and skin care needs are being addressed responsibly and holistically. Check out more about this fantastic group at

    In May, we will be collecting ethnic hair and skin products. Check out the ethnic section in Walmart’s hair aisle for product ideas, then bring your small thing to the Fellowship Hall donation box!

    The mission of small things|GREAT LOVE is to promote the agencies and donation opportunities already in place around the OKC metro that benefit the foster community. Each month a different group will be highlighted, and a specific need or donation request will be shared. For more info, check out our website at

  • Outreach Spotlight – HOPE Center

    CONTACT: Madelynn Bartley 405.501.0254
    Through your generosity, First Christian Church gives to Outreach Partners throughout our community and beyond. A goal of this committee is to provide information about some of these ministries.

    This month, we would like to highlight The Hope Center. This organization gives hope to those in need. It has been helping members of the Edmond Community since 1984. The name stands for Helping Our People in Emergencies. Its mission is to meet the basic needs of the people in our community who are having personal emergencies or crises. The combined support of churches, businesses, and individuals in the community gives The Hope Center the resources to provide food, clothing, and utility assistance from a single community agency. Find out more at

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Children's News

  • Vacation Bible School 2019 will be a WINNER!

    CONTACT: Jennifer Humphrey or 405.341.3544
    This year’s VBS theme is Power Up: Raise Your Game! At Vacation Bible School, kids will be challenged to “raise their game” because knowing God and trusting in Jesus fills us with the Fruit of the Spirit! They will learn that when they POWER UP with God, “God’s power has given us everything we need to live a godly life.” 2 Peter 1:3a

    When: June 3 - 6, 2019, from 6 to 8pm
    Where: First Christian Church of Edmond
    Who: 3yrs old* through 5th Grade (*3 yr. olds must be diaper-independent with a guardian volunteering on-site)
    Cost: $10 per child (includes a VBS music CD!)

    Get details at and follow the links on our registration page to register your child or volunteer for VBS.

  • Children’s Ministries Events

    CONTACT: Jennifer Humphrey 405.341.3544
    Ages 3 years old through 5th grade, join us each Sunday morning at 10am in the Children’s Education Building for Sunday school!

    Children Worship & Wonder - Children Worship & Wonder, which normally happens on Sundays at 9am & 11am, will conclude for the semester on Sunday, May 19. CWW will return in August. Watch for details!
    VBS Decoration & Supply Collection Week – May 28-31 – Love to decorate or want to donate some much-needed supplies? Contact Jennifer (above)
    Vacation Bible School – June 3-6: “Power Up: Raise Your Game” – sign up at

  • Child Care Center May Happenings

    CONTACT: Bonnie Miller, CCC Director 405.341.2626
    Would you like to support the Child Care Center? This month we have two opportunities to support the CCC’s fundraising efforts:

    -  May 9: Chick-Fil-A Night, Mention FCC Child Care Center and we receive 16% back
    -  May 21: Cane's Night, mention FCC Child Care Center and we receive 15% back

    The Child Care Center celebrated its teachers this past week. Teacher Appreciation Week (April 29 through May 3) was incredible! Teachers were treated to special lunches from Billy Sims, Schlotzsky’s, Bricktown Brewery, Cowboy Chicken and breakfast/brunch sponsored by the Church staff and helpers! The teachers also received various treats throughout the week, letting them know how much they are appreciated.

    Coming up in May for the Child Care Center is Muffins with Mom on May 9. Look for more information in the Child Care Center main hallway and see how you can participate!

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Student Ministries News

  • The Youth Garage Sale Wants Your Stuff!

    CONTACT: Rev. Mark Taylor 405.341.3544
    Time to throw open the windows and clean out those closets! As you do your annual spring-cleaning, remember the Youth Garage Sale wants your stuff. Please save unwanted, gently used, and unneeded items and donate them to the garage sale fundraiser benefiting our First Christian Church Youth Mission Fund. The sale is Saturday, June 1 from 9am-2pm. We will be accepting donations at the church beginning Tuesday, May 28 (10am-6pm). If you have any questions about the garage sale, please contact Rev. Mark Taylor.

  • Student Ministries Calendar of Events

    CONTACT: Rev. Mark Taylor or 405.341.3544 ext. 102
    Join us each Sunday morning at 10am in the Family Life Center for breakfast, announcements and Sunday School classes and each Wednesday night for UNITE! 

    May 28-31 – Garage Sale Collection & Prep – 10am to 6pm in the Family Life Center – WE NEED YOU!
    Saturday, June 1 – Garage Sale & Bake Sale Fundraiser - 9am to 2pm in the Family Life Center

    Here are some important 2018 dates to remember:
    June 3 – 7 Chi Rho Camp (Grades 6-8) at Oakridge Camp (near Anadarko)
    June 9 – 15 High School Mission Trip
    June 24 – 28 CYF Conference (Grades 9-12) at Central Oklahoma Camp (near Guthrie)
    July 14 – 20 Middle School Mission Trip
    August 18 Fall Kickoff

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Care News

  • Faith Community Health Team - How to Save a Life

    CONTACT: Lauren VanOsdol 405.517.2713
    CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is a basic skill that EVERYONE should know. No matter your age, take the time to learn these skills…someone’s life may depend on it! Almost 16 million people are trained for CPR globally each year. However, 70% of Americans that have previously been trained either feel helpless during a cardiac emergency or their training has significantly lapsed. This is an alarming statistic considering 88% of cardiac arrests happen at home. For children, drowning is the second leading cause of death with 350 children under of age of 5 drowning each year in swimming pools. How can you learn to save a life??

    1.) Enroll in the American Heart Association’s CPR class. There are two courses: one for beginners and one for renewals. For those who are not medical professionals, these are “Hand’s On” classes and only cover basic CPR. Go to to find a class near you or contact Donna Clark for info on her classes taught here at church

    2.) Come to our “CPR event” on Sunday, May 19, from 9am-12:30pm in Fellowship Hall. Donna Clark, RN and Lauren VanOsdol, RN, BSN will be hosting a 10-15-minute presentation throughout the morning to educate you on basic CPR and water safety. We will have skills stations set up to practice on adult, children, and infant dummies as well as an AED. Adults and children are welcome and encouraged to attend! All kids that attend our CPR event will receive a free swimming lesson from Edmond’s Goldfish Swim School.

    3.) Just a little about basic CPR:
    -  Assess the victim, if unresponsive move to the next step. If the victim was found in water, provide rescue first if safely possible.
    -  Unless you are a medical professional, DO NOT CHECK A PULSE! If you see someone that needs medical attention, immediately call 911
    -  Once emergency services are en route, start CPR. Remember the rule “PUSH HARD, PUSH FAST.”
    -  If you have an AED available, apply it to the patient as soon as possible. FCC has an AED located on the wall between the male and female restrooms across from the workroom.

  • In Our Prayers This Week

    THOSE IN NEED OF PRAYER Ed & Mary Walker, John Hammond
    WE WELCOME NEW MEMBERS Carl & Virginia Gibson joined on April 25.
    CELEBRATING A BAPTISM on Palm Sunday, April 14 were Audrey Carder, Gabby Chamberlain, Nay Griffith IV, Brooklyn Havenar, Scout Killackey, Michael McGrew, Chelsea Portillo, Mattea Price, Abby Robertson, Clark Shorow, Jackson Simms, & Ellie Young.

    Please share your prayer requests with us so we can pray for you. Contact Pastoral Assistant, Iris Muno Jordan at or 341-3544, ext. 110.

  • Happy Birthday FCC Friends!

    5/5 Ella Brinkman, Bret Keel;  5/6 Alan Schmoyer, Jack Stuckey, Jim Zuckermandel;  5/7 Terry Earnheart;  5/8 George Jennings, Caleb Stanley;  5/9 James Stephens, Nikki Sutch;  5/10 Billy Harrison, Jake Kerr, Jack Kinnaird, Chad Miller, Cindy Radford;  5/11  Jeff Coil, Jack Warner;  5/12  Larry Dodd, Ashely Havenar;  5/13 Cara Cummins, Brian Huffer, Ember Tucker;  5/14 Lynn Roach;  5/16  Peter Duller;  5/17  Loretta Hager, Linda McFall;  5/18  Molly Larrison, Lauren Love, Shane McGrew, Amy Peters;  5/19  Marcia Tunison;  5/20  John Privette, Sopukro Tienabeso;  5/21  Ramey Brinkman, Bob Grant, Gary Orendorff;  5/22 Joshua Anthony, Todd Anthony, Eil Channel, Greysen Ernst, Todd Lindley, Mary Ann Tipton;  5/23 Cheryl Gibson, Kylie Hunt, Michael McGrew, Sheri Palmer;  5/24 Robert Coleman, Shannon Medley, Kiefer Mullins, Bill Smith;  5/25 Ann Graham, Beth Shorow, Jackson Simms;  5/26 Tekenari Tiensbeso;  5/27 Elizabeth Bare, Allie Hannah, Blake Morton, Hattie Murdock, David Roberts;  5/28 Lee Christensen, Bob Sterling, Cameron Taylor;  5/29 Emily Bowen, Adelynn Hannah, Clark Shorow, Stan Steele, Alice Woods;  5/30 Myles Denard, Dave Murray;  5/31 Helon Hamm, Jennifer King;  6/1 Chase Carrington, Norvelle Dickey, Sherry Kious, Tracy Lee;  6/2 Lily Kosir, Marsha Triplett;  6/3 Mike Adkins, Nicholas Cave, Brennan Clark, Susan Huffer, Charles Schlough;  6/4 Marjorie Anderson, Becky Bright, Bill LaRue, Harriba Tienabeso;  6/5 Carl Hawkins, Kaci Taylor;  6/6 Paul Gaines, Robin Pierce;  6/7 Earnie Cornelius, Steve Peterson;  6/8 Luella Simms;  6/9 Carol Jennings

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