Better Together – Our 2018 Annual Campaign

CONTACT: Rev. Dr. Chris Shorow 405.341-3544
Our 2018 Annual Generosity Campaign is officially underway at First Christian. Our theme is "Better Together." We ask for everyone to let us know their intentions to give funds in the coming year because it takes all of us, working together, to support the ministries of First Christian.

Each fall the Church Board depends upon these commitments to make solid plans for the coming year’s operating budget. We do this every year because many things change in our lives on an annual basis. If we have a new child, if we send another kid to college, or if we are about to retire all of these events can change our financial circumstances. There have also been substantial changes to the tax laws and charitable giving, and the Finance Committee is wondering how this might or might not impact people’s ability to support the ministries of the church.

By turning in a Commitment to Give card this month you can help us remove some of the uncertainty in planning next year’s budget. Every commitment and gift matters. These gifts, when combined together, do far more than any one of us could ever imagine! We utilize these gifts to support the intentional faith development of our children, youth, college, adult, music, and outreach ministries.

As a community of faith, we are inspired by a careful reading and interpretation of Scripture, motivated by the calling to serve our neighbors, and convinced that we have vital things to do in the Edmond community. This week you’ll receive cards that let you make your commitments to give and serve. Go for more info. In 2019 how will you be involved in what we aspire to do together?