Coming to First Christian felt like coming home!

As a Whiz Kids Site Administrator, I regularly visited with First Christian members at their weekly Tuesday evening tutoring sessions held at Holy Temple Baptist Church. The basis of Whiz Kids is to partner two churches: a suburban church that can provide resources and an inner-city host church located near the targeted elementary school. The churches become partners in providing one-on-one tutoring in reading for first through sixth grade students reading below grade level. First Christian's Whiz Kid Coordinator, Linda Quade, invited me to help recruit tutors at First Christian.  The first week I worked hard meeting potential tutors and explaining our program.  The second week I decided to attend 9:00 o'clock worship.  After worship the third week, I went home and told my husband Bob, "I've found the place for us--First Christian Church." Bob and I grew up in the Church of Christ and have a rich love of the Bible.  At First Christian we found a similar love for scripture, but with freedom that we had never experienced. Bob comes home every Wednesday with some new thought that Chris and the other members of the 10:45 AM class discussed. A visitor remarked to Bob that she had never experienced this kind of freedom to share and express her thoughts.

At First Christian we found a place to experience the freedom in Christ that we seek.