Hanging of the Greens & Tasting Party
Sunday, December 1, 6:30pm 

Join our Student Ministries for this unique service which marks the start of Advent. We will share the meaning of traditional holiday symbols as we sing carols, hear Scripture, and decorate our Sanctuary for the Advent season. This year, the service will contain familiar themes while also sharing personal stories and incorporating special elements to celebrate the beginning of Advent. A "Tasting Party" and reception will follow the service. Church members are invited to make and bring their favorite holiday appetizer or sweet treat to share with all! Child care is not provided, however, a cry room will be available.

Children's Christmas Musical
Sunday, December 8, 6:30pm
“The time has come for our Creator God to put his plan into motion and the search for THE Star of Bethlehem has begun! When a Meteorite delivers a memo scroll announcing the search for the special star, most of the stars in the sky are too busy worrying about the competition to read the important qualifications that it will take to become the chosen star. Bob, the sweetest and most humble of stars, shines his light big and bright, to welcome the promised Messiah. What an illumination Celebration!” Please join the children of First Christian Church as they present Star Search created by Gina Boe and Barb Dorn. A reception will immediately follow the presentation.  Child care not provided, however, a cry room will be available.

Christmas Cantata
Sunday, December 15, 6:30pm
“From the pen of Pepper Choplin comes Christmas Presence, a musical telling of the Christmas story and its impact on our lives and the lives of those around us. This work inspires us to dwell on the important and profound way that Christmas brings us together through the joy of Christ’s birth.” Please join First Christian’s Chancel Choir, accompanied by a professional 24 piece orchestra, as they present the cantata Christmas Presence. The evening will conclude with a reception - all are welcome. Child care will be provided.

Children's Christmas Eve Service
Tuesday, December 24 - 5:30pm
The Gospel will come alive with the help of our children in a narrative re-telling of the birth of Jesus. This abbreviated, family-oriented worship service includes familiar Christmas hymns. Children (ages 3 through 2nd grade) may select a costume at 5pm and participate in the Nativity story!  Child care is not available.

Candlelight Christmas Eve Services
Tuesday, December 24 - 7 & 11pm
Join us as we anticipate the day of our Savior’s birth!  The 7pm Christmas Eve service will feature beautiful music, scripture readings, and the lighting of the Christ Candle. The 11pm service will feature a serene, simplified candlelight service with carols, the Chancel Choir, and scripture. The service ends in candlelight with the bells tolling the midnight hour, marking the arrival of Christmas Day. Child Care is not available.